What's Longboarding: What's what - Longboard in Florida, Introducing the New Bustin Yoface - What's the difference between longboarding and skateboarding?

What's Longboarding

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At Bustin Boards in Brooklyn we think skating is skating and we designed the Yoface deck to bridge the gap between longboarding and skateboarding by allowing you to go fast and go big.

Look close, this is not your average skateboard. The Bustin Yoface deck is a 35-inch bowl-riding, tech sliding, street skating, olliable city cruiser featuring a comfortable but aggressive concave and curves throughout the deck that add to it's stiffness as well as it's pop. Many of today's city skaters are finding themselves eyeing bigger, softer wheels, unwilling to give up their double kicks and being forced to add loads of riser pads to compensate for wheelbite. Enter the Yoface, a world where this problem is drastically reduced by a custom mold with wheel wells pressed into the shape and then further sanded out for maximum clearance over the wheels. In practice, the wells also provide for more foot-locking concave in the tech sliding position than any deck on the market. The radial tail retains a mi
Russian girl longboarding
Maria Esyutina