Weetabix: Weetabix Chocalate Dubstep Cereal Commercial, Weetabix - Morning in Reverse, Weetabix - Dancer, Dabstep & хлопья Weetabix, Жестокая Жесть ))))


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We worked on this ad for Weetabix with BBH London.
CREATIVE ART: Weetabix | Creative Advertisements
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Реклама детских шоколадных хлопьев...Fuel For Fun...
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Девочку, сыгравшую в ролике, зовут Аризона Сноу , ей девять лет, и она новый феномен британского стритданса.
Weetabix Street Dancing Teddy Bears TV ad - 60 sec advert
На самом деле, реклама амфитаминов!!! =)
амфитамин девочка сухой завтрак супер класс энергетик офигеть круто танцы мишки weetabix
=))) Hochu sebe takoj zavtrak! )
Завтракать надо, бля!
New Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize Advert
Не мог не запостить. Всегда бы такую рекламу))
Интересно что подсюпали в хлопья что так всех кроет.
The track is "A New World" by Mord Fustang
Зарядись для разрядки!
трек :
Mord Fustang - A New World
А хлопья то не простые!!!
Осторожно! Экстази уже в хлопьях!
9-years old English dancer Arizona Snow
The Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj-q-wAmmmw
The new TV commercial.
европа полностью ушла в даб

We made a commercial for Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize. Starring the amazing Arizona Snow. And some bears. Dir: DANIELS Agency: BBH London Prod Co: PrettyBird Song: "A New World" By Mord Fustang Behind The Scenes: http://youtu.be/_2sY_tVqq8o
a weetabix spoonsize add, the best one yet

Song: "A New World" By Mord Fustang

UK's new cereal advertisement.
The track is 'A New World' by Mord Fustang.

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The song featured is Mord Fustang - A New World

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The new ad stars nine-year old UK Streetdance phenomenon Arizona Snow, 'popping', 'locking' and 'tutting' her way through a high energy street dance routine in her bedroom.
Sibling rivalry is the story of a brother and sister competing over who most needs the last Weetabix with Chocolate to fuel their Big Day.

Weetabix with Chocolate has all the wholegrain fuel you'd expect with some tasty chocolate added.


(сучасна реклама сухих завтраків :))) Dubstep is becoming even more main stream and is now being used on cereal advertisements! ;D<br/><br/>
This is the full original version of the Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize advert, made famous by its use of Dubstep, Arizona Snow (the dancing girl) and Dancing Bears.
Brought to you by http://www.advertisingadvertising.net
Трудно представить себе более банальный заход, чем «съел продукт — и прибавилось столько энергии, что все кругом затанцевало»

Однако, под песню Mord Fustang - A New World - всё получилось неплохо

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Этот шедевр английской рекламы длится только минуту...
(Weetabix Chocalate Dubstep Cereal Commercial)
New Weetabix advert by directing duo Daniels (check out their other work!).

Was one compositor on a small team at Absolute Post, London.
Our TV advert 'Grandpa' follows two children and their Grandfather creating mayhem in the house while Mum and Dad are out for the day, fuelled by the energy that a bowl of Weetabix provides.

Big Day
Prize: Silver
Medium: Film
Entry Type: Product/Service
Category: Television/Cinema
Title: Big Day
Product/Service: Weetabix
Creative Credits
Entrant Company: BBH LONDON, Smuggler, London, New York
Advertising Agency: BBH LONDON, London
Production Company: Smuggler, London
Editing Company: Stitch, London
Music Company: 750MPH, London
Sound Design Company: 750MPH, London
Visual Effects Company: Framestore, London
Creative Director: Dominic Goldman
This ad debuted during last Saturday's X-Factor and instantly got rave reviews online. The buzz this created can be attributed to hitting the audience of the show perfectly, and using their presence on social media to provide fans with a way to share it.
Credit to Weetabix Cereal company. And This is an awesome track with this. AND NO THIS ISNT EDITED, THIS IS REALLY HOW THE COMMERCIAL IS LIKE.
Dubstep is too mainstream.


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I Literally Lol'd when i saw this video xD
Вот такая реклама за океаном
Someone's Had Their Weetabix
серебро каннских львов 2010
LMAO thought I would upload this, its really funny AND an awesome clip opportunity guys!!!
This has to be the best advert ever... It's amazing! Simply Briliant. I've given myself an extra weetabix every morning cause of this advert!!!!
The new advert from Weetabix
Agency: WCRS
Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius
Creative: Larry Seftel / Dave Day
Director: Ringan Ledwdige
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Producer: Sally Humphries
Director of Photography: Jess Hall
Post Production: The Mill - London
Editor: Richard Orrick - Work Post

British Television Advertising Craft Award (British Arrows) for Best Original Score Nomination
Someone's had their Weetabix...
Take a look behind the scenes of the latest ad for Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize and find out how the teddy bears came to life!

Взгляните на съемки нашего последнего рекламного ролика о шоколадном завтраке Weetabix, и вы узнаете как мы оживили плюшевого медведя!

Как снимался ролик Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize (Making Of Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize Dancer.mp4)

The latest ad from Weetabix for the new range of crispy, tasty Weetabix Minis.

Просто это такая работа))))))))))
Мы следуем за семьей, поскольку в этой семье все конкурируют, чтобы видеть, у кого был самый напряженный день.<br/><br/>
by Conan Kmiecik

Conan Kmiecik

Weetabix advert from the 1980's Featuring the Weetabix Skinheads."you make it neat wheat mate! If you know what's good for you" OK!!!

Why not turn a breakfast cereal into a gang of skinheads? In the next ad, they go out and beat up some coco pops.
The voiceover is by Bob Hoskins.

One of Terry Nation's own Dalek props helps to promote Weetabix in 1977. This was the second time Doctor Who was used to promote the cereal. The top half of the prop was previously the Dalek Supreme in 'Planet of the Daleks'. More information can be found at http://www.dalek6388.co.uk

Doctor Who is copyright of the BBC. The Daleks are copyright of the BBC and Terry Nation. No infringement is intended.
No. Because you are normal.
Please drop a like! this was insane to edit! I don't own the song or the video but the remix is all mine
Watch the original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YpOw8o34BMfeature=related

song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u0t8ZIlwuQ
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Сухие завтраки. vot v etom klipe ja snimalsja :))
You've seen the ad, now learn the dance! We've broken it down into three manageable segments. Get practicing!

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реклама для Weetabix
Product – Weetabix Title – Big Day Family Production Company – Smuggler Director – Guy Shelmerdine Production Producer – Gustav Geldenhuys Director of Photography – Nanu Segal Ad Agency – BBH Partners Creative Director – Dominic Goldman & David Kolbusz Art Director – Dominic Goldman, David Kolbusz, Lewis Mooney & Ed Cole Copywriter – Dominic Goldman, David Kolbusz, Lewis Mooney & Ed Cole Agency Producer – Glenn Paton Editing Company – Stitch Editor – Andy McGraw Music Company – N/A Sound Compa
Weetabix Skins Video Made By Kamel.
The 4 SKiNS - seems to me (copy right The 4 SKiNS)

The Wisdom Of The Kamel: We Are All Croutons In Lifes Cup-A-Soup ! ™
An ad for Weetabix containing impersonations of Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney and Peter Lorre. Another one animated for Passion Pictures by Chuck Gammage, who contributed animation to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Coincidentally, that movie also has cartoon bullets in a live-action setting.
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