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Ways To Say Hello

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Learning English - How to say hello in English.
26 ways to say hello in English.

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Everyone has their own way of greeting each other. Find out 20 weird and quirky ways that people say hello!

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In this English lesson we look at 10 ways to say hello in English. If you want to learn how to speak English, then this is the place. English secre...
How to say Hello in Korean in three different ways.
1. The most formal way - Ahn Nyeong Ha Shim Ni Kka 안녕하십니까
2. Formal way - Ahn Nyeong Ha Se Yo 안녕하세요
3. Informal way - Ahn Nyeong 안녕

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10 Ways to Say Hello & Goodbye

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10 Ways to Say Hello & Goodbye
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선배를 만났을때의 인사법! 대공개!

When they meet 선배's and say Hello.
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Learning how to greet someone is the first step in learning the English language. While greeting someone sounds pretty simple, it's not always the simplest thing to do. There are important issues to consider like the time of the day, the social status of the person you are greeting compared to yourself, and so on. If you know these things you will be able to greet people properly and without sounding impolite or improper.

In this extra learning lesson we have a close look at greeting people.

In this English lesson, I go over some of the ways in which real native speakers of English say hello and goodbye. When people ask "How are you?", they don't really want to know how you are! They are just saying hello. There are many other ways to say hello and goodbye in different situations, and in this video, I'll teach them to you!

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Учимся как приветствовать друг друга разными способами in English.