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Washed Out - Far Away

Ernest Greene, the man behind Washed Out, stepped into the Moog Sound Lab and transformed his song Far Away from the 2011 album "Within and Without". In its original incarnation "Far Away" was built around vibes, bells & stringed instruments, but here Greene tears down the song and completely rebuilds it on a foundation of Moog Synths.

Lead Vocalist & Keyboardist Ernest Greene performs with a Little Phatty analog synthesizer. The harpsichord-esque sound created was then synced to Ableton Live and arp
Video made up of vintage amateur video of the American west coast. Unofficial video
7.2.11 @ The Earl, Atlanta

new song from his new album called Within and Without. greene just keeps making beauiful music to sooth out souls and move our feet! the new album is just great! thank bob for leaks!
From "Within and Without" - released July 12th on Sub Pop Records