Warhammer - Warriors of the World: Manovar - Warriors of the World (Warhammer 40k) HD 720p, Warhammer (Manowar - Warriors of the World),

Warhammer - Warriors of the World

Manowar - Warriors of the World
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A tribute to the human empire of Warhammer 40000. Yes I know theres a chaos marine near the start but it was a stylistic choice (I had a pic of the emperor in black and white then a colour pic of him "now" just after that was marines from before the heresy in black and white then a colour pic of a chaos marine "now" it was to show the heresy in an abstract way)
Song- "Warriors of the World" by Manowar
Imperium is the IP of GW Any fan artist who wants me to credit their work used here let me know.
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