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Walls - Sunporch

WALLS are once again getting set to frazzle minds and make hearts
swoon with the release of their second album 'Coracle' (26th
September) - set to once again capture the shimmering layers of guitar
and synths, ecstatic melodies and emotive vocals that made their debut an instant classic. Their first single 'Sunporch' (rel. 29th August)
reinforces the ground they explored with 'Gaberdine', a towering
arpeggiated bass line surrounded by a swirling web of guitars and
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Walls - Coracle
Label: Kompakt
26 Sep 2011
Wall - Coracle Remixe
Label: Kompakt Digital
May 2012
Wall - Coracle Remixe
Label: Kompakt Digital
May 2012
Walls - 'Sunporch'
Released 29 Aug 2011
Video by: Dan Tombs
Assisted by: Dan Burman

Live performance shot on location in an ancient undercroft in Norwich (UK) live visual performance with the band filmed edited and re manipulated into a visceral psychedelic digital distortion.
Dan will also be performing live visuals with Walls at various venues in 2011/12.