WIN WIN - After The Wait: [ENG] WIN: Team B in the waiting room after the Final, WIN WIN - After The Wait (Official Video)

WIN WIN - After The Wait

Videos are not mine credit goes to MNET & YG Entertainment I really really love this Team with the 6 talented boys...

:Team B's Member:

KIM HANBIN a.k.a B.I - the charismatic leader, song writer & choreographer (rapper)

KIM JIWON a.k.a BOBBY - song writer, the clown & the swagger (rapper)

KIM JINHWAN - the oldest, with the powerful dancing skills & sentimental voice (vocal)

SONG YUN HYEONG - the all arounder with a sweet & charming voice (vocal)

The new video for WIN WIN's "After the Wait", directed by Bo Mirosseni, off the album Double Vision out now on VICE Records.

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