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WATERS - For the One

The Official video for WATERS "For the One" From the album Out in the Light. Directed by Allen Cordell. Album available everywhere

Waters - For The One
Out In The Light
TBD Records, City Slang

Director's Cut (*with full sound mix)
Directed by Allen Cordell
Produced by Lodger Films and Cause [Effect]

Starring: Van Pierszalowski and Chuck Erickson
Producers: Georg Kallert / Peter J. Nieves / Rob Schroeder
Production Manager: Kristen Marceda
Director of Photography: Richard Kim
Editor: Allen Cordell
Post Production Visual FX, Animation and Compositing: Tim Lines
Keying and Cleanup: Brad Walter
Color Correct: Daniel Bowhers and Allen Cordell
Video Sound Mix: Zak Engel and Explosion Robinson
Art Director: Gladys Rodriguez
Casting Director: Peter J. Nieves
Sound: Georg Kallert
Gaffer: Brian Outland
Key Grip: Andrew Creighton
G/E Swing: Brett Lopes
PA: Joey Colcough

Knitted Masks by Tracy Widdess (http://brutal-knitting.tumblr.com)

I. Elijah Baughman, Kris Benton, Linda Brent, Reinaldo D'Amico, Carly Ann-Giene, Kash, Peter Lam, Gregg Lee, Sun

http://violitionist.com - Waters - September 2011 - Violitionist Sessions from Denton, Texas

We had a few requests to make a video fishing shallow on the pole, so its what we done... we racked our brains and thought where we be a good place to do it... our answer was Barford lakes! One of Norfolks finest match complexes and probably Norfolks most famous commercial fishery!

We fished a lake known as Willow, which is crammed full of F1's as well as many larger fish, its a long thin lake with a great head o
WATERS – For The One