Voluspaa: Voluspaa-Reis Deg Min Herre, David Monrad Johansen: VOLUSPAA, op.15 (1926), Voluspaa - Norsk Vandresang, Voluspaa - En Hymne Til Våre Udødelige


Норвежский Viking Metal!!!
David Monrad Johansen (November 8, 1888 -- February 20, 1974) was a Norwegian composer.

He was born in Vefsn and grew up near Mosjøen, where he received his first piano lessons. He came to Christiania (Oslo) in 1904 to study at the conservatory there, and he continued taking lessons with Catharinus Elling, Iver Holter and others until he went to Berlin in 1915 for further studies. In 1920, he went for a study trip to Paris, and here Stravinsky's music came to make a huge impression on him. In addition he m

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Band: Voluspaa
Album: Åsa
Genre: Viking/Black Metal
Country: Norway
Voluspaa from the upcoming album Withered Roots