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Viva Knievel!

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Легендарный каскадёр Нивел приезжает в Мексику, где встречается со своими фанатами, помогает сиротам и конечно же собирается подготовить очередной безумный трюк. Тем временем местный мафиозный босс планирует убить Нивела и использовать его машины для контрабандной перевозки кокаина в США.
Evel Knievel plays himself in a story about crooks who plan to have the daredevil killed during a motorcycle jump in Mexico so they can use his trucks to smuggle drugs into the United States. All-star supporting cast, including Leslie Nielsen ("The Naked Gun" movies), Dabney Coleman ("9 to 5"), Lauren Hutton ("American Gigolo"), and screen legend Gene Kelly.

all Movie Action-Adventure viva knievel
Yes! Evel Knievel did star in a movie. He shared the screen with Gene Kelly and Red Buttons. I know... It seems impossible to me, too. But, here's proof. Plotless... horrible proof.

Having been portrayed by George Hamilton in a 1971 biopic, motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel took on the fictionalized role of his own life in this surprisingly well made actioner, the last film directed by the prolific Gordon Douglas. Produced by an uncredited Irwin Allen, it boasts a surprisingly strong cast and production values. Knievel's life supplied grist for TV movies in 1974, 2004 and 2005.

Trailer for one of the greatest action movies of the 70's. Starring Evil Knievel, Leslie Nielson, Red Buttons, Gene Kelly, and Lauren Hutton.

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Видео из архива Warner Brothers, 1977 год.