Villains' Lament (Still Alive) - Audio смотреть онлайн

Villains' Lament (Still Alive) - Audio

Hey everyone! This is a parody of Jonathan Coulton's song "Still Alive," more commonly known as the credits song from Portal. I hope you guys enjoy it! A PMV will be out in the coming days. This song is sung from the perspectives of the 3 main villains that the show has given us thus far.

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Nightmare Moon:
I could have triumphed
Those ponies should have been pests at best
It's hard to understand how I was vanquished
But that's behind me
I've put down my envy now, it's true
I'm back with my sister to help her rule over this place

Though I can't help feeling that I could have had more
Ponies still love the day and still my night is a bore
But the moon gets cold
And very quickly gets old
So I'll let everyone stay alive

I'm really quite angry
I w