Victoria & Albert: Виктория и Альберт / Victoria & Albert (Великобритания-США, 2001), Виктория и Альберт (Victoria & Albert) 2001, Виктория и

Victoria & Albert

Жанр: Драма, Мелодрама, Биография, История
Режиссёр: Джон Эрман

В ролях: Виктория Хэмилтон, Джонатан Фёрт, Джеймс Кэллис, Дэвид Суше, Дайана Ригг, Патрик Мэлахайд, Роджер Хэммонд, Пенелопа Уилтон, Питер Устинов, Джон Вуд, Малькольм Синклер, Гэри Рэймонд, Найджел Хоторн,

Захватывающая история одного из величайших любовных романов ХIХ столетия — английской королевы Виктории и её мужа, принца Альберта Саксен-Кобург-Готского. Юная Виктория с первого взгляда невзлюбила принца Альберта, когда тот приехал из Германии в Англию знакомиться с будущей женой. Она с детских лет готовилась к главной роли в своей жизни — быть королевой могущественного государства, и поэтому твёрдо решила сохранять свою независимость и никогда не выходить замуж. Но обаяние принца Альберта сокрушило неприступность Виктории и заставило королеву изменить своей клятве. Альберт стал страстью всей её жизни...
Режиссер: Джон Эрман
В ролях: Виктория Хэмилтон, Джонатан Фёрт, Джеймс Кэллис, Дайана Ригг и др.

В 18 лет Виктория взошла на трон самой могущественной империи в мире. Выбравшись из-под опеки чересчур властной матери, Виктория твердо решила сохранять свою независимость и никогда не выходить замуж. Но не смогла устоять перед обаянием принца Альберта Саксен-Кобург-Готского. Он заставил королеву изменить своей клятве и стал страстью всей ее жизни…

Victorian era
История любви длиною в жизнь...
Horrible Histories Queen Victoria and Albert song. from series 4 episode 6

rough version of lyric's might not be correct don't blame me

For 40 years i ruled alone
shed all those tears while on the throne
what got me through the pain and hurt
was clinging to the memory of Albert

Horrible Histories Queen Victoria and Albert song

HD and headphones!

I am completely vexed by this TV show and I wholly recommend it to everyone! It is ITV's new series 'Victoria'.

I know it's been forever, but have this as an apology. I hope this might be the return of regular uploads again.

"Victoria" 2016 tv series
starring: Jenna Coleman, Rufus Sewell
season 1, episode 3
Великий Шелковый Путь 2013, г.Судак, Крым.
Great Silk Way 2013, Sudak, Crimea.
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Omg guys, this show is my new obsession. Gosh I love everything about it. And I have to admit at first I was torn, I really liked the relationship between Melbourne and Victoria at first, but then Albert showed up and...OTP. I mean, yeah it's history and blabla... but the chemistry was undeniable. They literally melted my heart, cannot wait for next week's episode!


►SONG: The Power Of Love (Gabriella Aplin)
►FANDOM: Victori группа где можно узнать информацию о турнирах, послушать хорошую музыку и посмотреть видео о бальных танцах и всё что с ними связано!(Самба ча ча ча Румба пасодобль джайв медленный вальс танго венский вальс фокстрот квикстеп)
My name is Maria and this video just represents how the Victoria Albert Museum, particularly the costume section genuinely inspired and motivated me through my life.
This film was taken using a small digital camera Sony DSCW7 without tripod or additional lighting other than flash for stills - I'm lucky it was a sunny day!! Filming in the VA was kindly granted by the VA Images team. Thank you VA for such a great experience. Music composed by myself. Thank you also to Simon of Deep Fur, former Bad Tune
На этот перформанс мы наткнулись, уже отправляясь восвояси на судно: а тут такое... Это действительно клево!
Scenes from de movie "The Young Victoria". Beautiful movie ! Victoria & Albert are perfect together ♥

Song : Only You - Sinéad O'Connor

(i do not own any rights on the music or the video)

Victoria + Albert доступна для Вас под заказ в салон
"Amare Bagno".
Ждем вас по адресу: г. Барнаул, ул. Чкалова, 69а
тел. +7(3852)500-223
MOVIE: The Young Victoria (2009)
SONG: Victoria & Albert (Ilan Eshkeri - Music from the Motion Picture)


In this final excerpt from "The Young Victoria," the queen, played beautifully by Emily Blunt, picks her handsome suitor Belgium Prince Albert as her first waltz partner at her Coronation Ball to what probably is a Johann Strauss the Elder waltz. This to me is the most perfect waltz scene in a movie with little doubt that here the queen falls in love with her prince. Not long after, they marry and have nine children, suggesting at least Victoria was not so prime and rigid as portrayed in her later years.
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дуже гарно)
тільки платтячко не дуже(
Exhibition Undressed - A brief history of underwear by Fashion Channel







The best videos, the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 until now, of the most representative fashio
Indian fabrics have made a global recognition. A brief report on Fabrics of India Exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Music legend David Bowie is at the top of the album chart in the UK and in 40 other countries -- and a record-breaking exhibition dedicated to his life and work is the hottest ticket in town.
David Bowie Is, at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, which has already sold more than 47,000 tickets for a show.
More than 300 exhibits, from childhood photos and sketches to insights into new album The Next Day, cover all 66 years of the Thin White Duke's life.

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hey everyone!
it's been a while, but here i am!
i'm very sorry for the two little glitches, i tried to fix them, but it just didn't work... after rendering four times, i gave up.

it's raining today, i'm a very happy person now.

i literally love these two so much it gives me heartaches ugh.

○ information
Program: sony vegas pro 13
Editor: saffire.
Fandom: Victoria
Coloring: KingSatan (when are the
First of a two-part documentary in which Prince Michael of Kent traces the story of the idyllic love match between his great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coberg.Shot at various locations including Windsor, Balmoral and Sandringham, the film charts both the private and public lives of Victoria and Albert.

First of a two-part documentary in which Prince Michael of Kent traces the story of the idyllic love match between his great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coberg.Shot at various locations including Windsor, Balmoral and Sandringham, the film charts both the private and public lives of Victoria and Albert.
Моя интерпритация прекрасной Королевы Виктории Альберта
"Великий Шелковый Путь 2011", Крым, Судак. WDSF International Open Latin

Профессиональная работа...
И музыкальное сопровождение просто изумительное...

Finally we get to my favourite part of Queen Victoria's life! I used the song that was featured in the movie The Young Victoria. Let me know what you think!

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might ot “Ice Angel” is an interactive artwork providing the participants a glimpse of themselves depicted in angelic form. Inspired by the way children create snow angels in fresh snow, Ice Angels introduces the digital twist of being a performance portrait device that pairs the participant to their angel identity. The artwork was on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) from September 2012 to March 2013.
Ссылка на видео в ютубе:
The best Love Story ever!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the material used in this video. No copyright infringement was intended in the making of...
Did not know I was gonna love this series as much as I did. Such a lovely show recommend to everyone if you haven't watched it yet!
История любви королевы Виктории и принца Альберта.
Victoria and Albert scenes from TV series Victoria.

s01e03-s01e04 Albert's entrance
s01e04 Discussion about the new stamps
s01e04 Dinner

I own nothing.
Ссылка на видео в ютубе:
"Великий Шелковый Путь 2011", Крым, Судак. WDSF International Open Latin
Albert Victoria: two people, one soul, a beautiful love story. My tribute to the best couple on Earth.
Last part of the movie Victoria Albert

Nick Knight discusses how he has been inspired by the collections of the Natural History Museum VA.
Find out more at: or

"Великий Шелковый Путь 2011", Крым, Судак. WDSF International Open Latin
В музее Виктории и Альберта организовали грандиозную ночь 24 Марта, посвященную теме 30-х годов. Все описывать времени нет, но самая веселая тусовка была возле ресепшн, где наливали шампанское и потрясающие ребята играли джаз.
А какие световые инсталляции!... прямо в главном фойе на стены и потолок с классической лепкой спроецировали световые картины...
Tribute to Victoria & Albert
Beautiful, tragic and eternal love story.

Forever in my heart.
A small tribute to Queen Victoria & Prince Albert.

Music: Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone.

Footage of Emily Blunt from The Young Victoria and Judi Dench from Mrs Brown.

For Fun, NOT Profit!

Love story from film "The Young Victoria"
У Виктории и Альберта было 9 детей.
В числе их потомков монархи Британии, Испании, Швеции, Норвегии, Югославии, России, Греции, Румынии и Германии.

Виктория и Альберт правили вместе 20 лет

Принц Альберт умер от тифа в 42 года.
В память мужу Виктория выкладывала его одежду каждый день до самой смерти. Она умерла в 81 год.
Last in a two-part documentary in which Prince Michael of Kent traces the story of the idyllic love match between his great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coberg.This edition covers the period when, devastated by the death of Prince Albert, the Queen went into hiding for over five years, and Britian almost became a republic. But she was finally brought out of her seclusion by Benjamin Disraeli and by the relationship she formed with her servant John Brown.

Some photographs taken recently in the famous Victoria Albert Museum, which gives you an idea of the variety of items on display.
This video is love story of queen Victoria and prince Albert. I have made it on beautiful film Victoria and Albert. In main roles are Victoria Hamilton and Jonathan Firth. Music: G. Benson and E. Klugh - Romeo and Juliet
Cause long ago, my sister asked for this :)

And I finally did it! Kirsti, I hope you and your girls enjoy this one. Not a lot of fancy editing, just a lot of cuteness :p

Love you girls!!


Song: "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton
A new vid about Victoria and Albert. I really love this couple and when I heard this song I thought it was perfect for them :)
The coloring is awful but I couldn't manage to do a better one :( If anyone uses Final Cut express and knows how to make great colorings I would be happy to learn!!
One year ago I'd uploaded my first video on today I make a new video to enjoy the event .
I wanna really thank you all the people that during this year have posted so many comments to my videos!!!

This video is about the movie "The young Victoria" which potraied the first years of queen's Victoria kingdom and her love story with prince Albert.....they are so sweet together just like the song made by Sinead O'Connor for the movie soundtrack....

Watch the video until the end....comments are welcome!!! :D

*no copyright infrigments intended,this was made for pure entertainment,i don't own nothing and i don't make any profit of it*

IDSF TGP Brasov 2010 - International Open Latino -
Albert Khadagatl Victoria Goroshko (Russia) - finalist (6th place) - Cha-Cha

Part one of five...Born three months apart, cousins Victoria and Albert grow up in separate countries, but with families planning their future together. However, their first meeting, on Kensington Palace's Stone Steps, does not go according to plan... Follow the story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's era-defining romance in five daily animated episodes from Valentine's Day 14 February 2012, in these stunning animated films by Chiara Ambrosio. The films' release starts the countdown to the opening of ne
The Walt Disney Company donated two complete costumes from its Tony and Oliver Award-winning musical THE LION KING to the Permanent Collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum (VA). The elaborate stage costumes and masks for the characters of 'Scar' and 'Sarabi' join the VA's Theatre and Performance Collections, alongside over 3,500 stage costumes and accessories dating from the mid-18th century to today.

Stars of the smash-hit West End musical along with Thomas Schumacher, Producer of THE LION KI It is a given that light changes space, but in “Walk the Light” it becomes the visitor who determines that change in the lighting. Their movement through the Victoria & Albert Museum‘s Exhibition Road tunnel entrance directly controls this innovative lighting installation. This experimental interactive lighting design project creates a band of white light that physically follows the visitor, forming a bright line of light tracking their jour
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I'm kinda obsessed with this show, I know it's bad but I ship Victoria with both Lord M and Albert. Jenna Coleman Is brilliant as Queen Victoria.
Thanks to dauntlessobrien for your help with the song choice :)

Editor: ShootingArrow
Title: Victoria Albert - My Love
Colouring: WhisperOfDreams
Watermark: Mine
Song: My Love

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, All footage and music used in this video belongs to their rightful owners. I own only the editing!

September 2016
» You are my queen; I am your subject «

✖ Song: Half Light by Banners
✖ Series: Victoria
✖ Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13

Last vid of 2016...
A BBC television series in eight parts, introduced by Sir Hew Wheldon. First broadcast in 1977 to coincide with the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations of that year.
These VHS recordings date from 1986. I do not claim any copyright for this material.
This is a time lapse video of our installation at The Victoria & Albert Museum atrium as part of the London Design Festival. We presented a massive, custom 28.280 chandelier in the main atrium of the museum. The installation, featuring the celebrated 28, descended through the large existing void cutting through the entire length of the V&A Building, with an astonishing height of more than 30 metres. The intent of the installation was twofold; On the one hand, it was a pure celebration of the monumental open
Diaghilev at the Victoria and Albert. In this video, understand the large body of work and personal history of Diaghilev, the mastermind behind the Ballet Russes. Diaghilev was well-connected, and to notable people like Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel, all of whom he had make their contribution to the Ballet Russes, whether by design of costumes or design of set. The result of Diaghilev's stringent perfectionism and tight network, is a legacy and body of work that is awesome, to say the least, and his own per
In celebration of Yohji Yamamoto's first UK solo exhibition, at London's Victoria and Albert Museum until the end of July 2011, has launched a two-part 'In Conversation' project to examine Yamamoto's visionary thirty-year career. Art director Marc Ascoli, photographer Nick Knight and graphic designer Peter Saville are captured in conversation with curator Magda Keaney discussing their collaboration with Yamamoto (this first part is not included in this video); while Yohji Yamamoto himself is
►Fandom: Victoria
►Couple: Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
►Song: /watch?v=5rrv0TUMWaM
►Program: Fin...
● there we go, new obsession.. albert and victoria

● I've been staying home sick these past couple of days and somehow I was in the mood for a period drama. good thing this mini series is around. they kind of remind me of jack and rose (titanic) and how the met... how she's always being like "you're being very rude" and he's so straight forward. I'm a bit disappointed they already kissed and they're getting married next episode but that's just the way things were back then I guess. still I would've loved
Theyre my cute lil cinnamon bun rolls that deserve the world, im so so so obsessed with them. Cant wait for next seasonQQ


○ Fandom: at the end of the video
○ Music: at the end of the video
○ Coloring: SaphireBlue
○ Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13
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Великий Шелковый Путь 2013, г.Судак, Крым.
Great Silk Way 2013, Sudak, Crimea.
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Images & Realisation: Marius Mutin Production - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Музей Викто́рии и А́льберта — музей в Лондоне, крупнейший в мире музей декоративно-прикладного искусства и дизайна. Основан в 1852 году. Октябрь 2013.
Британское кино и сериалы
Британское кино и сериалы
"A love like ours can burn down a city."

ITV's Victoria is definitely one of my favorite tv shows right now. It's lively, has great cinematography, makes me laugh....10/10 would recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched yet.

And of course, Albert and Victoria made my romantic heart sing with joy. They are amazing. The chemistry between Jenna and Tom is so beautiful, they have such a pure love that makes me wanna believe in fairytales again. So OF COURSE, I had to vid them LMFAO.

This is dedicated to my g
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Can I survive the end of the season and Albert's death? I don't think so. Can we change the history, please? I ne...

Victoria and Albert scenes from TV series Victoria.

s01e05 After the engagement
s01e05 Announcement
s01e05 Albert's departure

I own nothing.
Animazione digitale che descrive l'estensione del Victoria and Albert Museum di Londra progettato dall'architetto Daniel Libeskind

WDSF International Open Latin 2012
Crimea, Sudak.
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About this video: see what I drew at the museum, tips and tricks when drawing with Copic markers, wonderful dinner at the Lush Prize Awards AND THE...
Результаты поиска по запросу "хадагатль горошко" в Яндекс.Видео
Victoria and Albert scenes from TV series Victoria.

s01e05 Correspondence
s01e05 Albert's return and quarrel

I own nothing.
Victoria and Albert scenes from TV series Victoria.

s01e04 Proposal

I own nothing.
Albert and Victoria's love Story HH style

● 1x05 was perfect! I'm ITV victoria trash. (excuse the pitch)

● I really can't explain why I'm so into this ship right now but woooah so much chemistry everywhere! these two are romantic, sexy, angsty, perfect! anyway I've been trying to upload this video for 2 days now and it's still getting blocked.. I really hate youtube sometimes.

● next video will be a klaroline one with a lovely song which is so klaroline and I can't believe it never occured to me. ;)
Victoria and Albert scenes from TV series Victoria.

s01e04 Waltz
s01e04 Evening in Windsor

I own nothing.
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I am absolutely loving this show, I have always love the story of Victoria and Albert and this show does it perfectly (as well as Young Victoria).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I /knew/ you'd be watching this LOL period dramas + jenna coleman? of course

I've been trying to think of what to make for your birthday after your beautiful gift for me, and this show just came along perfectly and YES you like victoria and albert SO HERE YOU GOOOOO, it's sad that everyone knows how this relationship ends : ( but for now, they're good..... LOL let's just pretend everyone lives happily ever after QQ

anyway, happy birthday! I hope you had a good day, since it's almost over,
"MY DEAREST DEAREST DEAR Albert ... his excessive love and affection gave me feelings of heavenly love and happiness I never could have hoped to have felt before! He clasped me in his arms, and we kissed each other again and again! His beauty, his sweetness and gentleness -- really how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a Husband! ... to be called by names of tenderness, I have never yet heard used to me before -- was bliss beyond belief! Oh! This was the happiest day of my life!"
Extracts from Que
Dieter Rams is one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century. A key figure in the post-war movement, Rams helped change the face of our domestic landscape. Best known for his work for German electronics giant, Braun and international furniture company, Vitsœ, Rams’s work is widely acclaimed for its elegant simplicity, versatility and technical virtuosity and continues to influence the designers of today. He discussed his design ethos and ideas on the future of design with journalist
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"Love like ours could burn down the city"

I love them. I love them. I love them.
This is the purest ship I have ever had and I cannot stop thinking about them, torturing myself with their cutest scenes.
I love Jenna and how she portraited Victoria. I love awkward Albert. I. LOVE. THEM.
I highly recommend this show. It has amazing music and atmosphere. Every ship seems valuable and deep.
I cannot wait for season 2!!!!!

I hope you will enjoy!
( HD)

Well.. I freakin love this show!
Jenna Coleman is perfect and damn.. these two are so cute together! They're REAL OTP GUYS!

hope you'll enjoy the video! ;)

» INFO;;
● fandom: victoria itc;
● couples: albert + victoria;
● song:
● coloring: mine;