Veil Dance: Yallar veil fan dance 123, Double Veil Belly Dance by Tahja, Dance with fan veils Урок в школе восточного танца VeilDance, Yallar_veil_fan_dance,

Veil Dance

Tahja's Performance at 2009 Belly Dance Gala.

Восточный танец в Москве
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Школа танцев "Экспромт". Отрывок из танцевального спектакля "Приключения Буратино или Золотой Ключик" 01 февраля 2015 года.
Танец "Камин Карабаса Барабаса"
Исполняет группа восточного танца.
Исполняют Елена Теплякова и Галина Мельникова.
Постановщик Александра Усанова.
Школа танцев, спортивно-танцевальный клуб "Экспромт" (Санкт-Петербург)
Dancers Elena Teplyakova and Galina Melnikova.
Choreographer Alexandra Usanova.
Expromt Dance studio (Saint-Petersburg).

Улица Марата 47-49, тел. +7(812)921-0376, +7(812)


Japanese oriental dancer (bellydancer) Farasha (
Director of FODSS(, Japan
Improvizational Veil dance of Dec. 1 2012

Выступление коллектива школы современного восточного танца VeilDance на праздничном вечере "VeilDanceParty4" 30.11.2014

Восточный танец в Москве
Originally I was dancing to 2 other songs but than I found this one and really liked it so I thought I could put those 2 vids together to this one song:
Oriental Angels - Jammin with the Snake
In the videos I am doing belly dance improvisations with fan veils and a veil.
Editing took me this time really long..
So I hope you like this video and enjoy watching it =)
Dance centre Visions (Moscow)
Choreography by Diana Jannat
Belly dance "Sultan`s guards" with sabres and veils

Танцевальный центр "Visions"
Танец живота с крыльями и саблями "Стражницы"
Latvian bellydance 2008 Divashine

Выступление коллектива школы современного восточного танца "Veildance". Проект "Танцы в Сокольниках" 2016.
Танец живота в Москве
Школа современного восточного танца "VeilDance" (ВейлДэнс). Педагог-хореограф Белолипецкая Анастасия.
Восточный танец в Москве. Танец живота на свадьбу, праздник.
Обучение танцу живота. Групповые и индивидуальные уроки.
"Sisters Shahrazad" أخوات شهرازاد - Lizis solo - Mon Amie La Rose - Natacha Atlas - Françoise Hardy - My Friend The Rose (2009)
+372 5668 4068

Private collection
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ШЩкола восточного танцы скарабей 8 963 336 59 16
Japanese Oriental dancer (bellydancer) Farasha Tokyo( Feb. 24, 2012. Music: "Mysterious Moon" by Nomi (From CD "Farasha's Veil")

2012年2月24日 オリエンタルダンサー(ベリーダンサー)ファラーシャ(http://www.far­のパフォーマンス。曲: "Mysterious Moon" by Nomi (CD "Farasha's Veil"に収録)

Al Hassan: Male Belly dance with veil poi. King of Props @ Aziza's Birthday Bash. August 27, 2007. Al Hassan is the Little Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008 and 1st Runner Up Champion of Champions. Male bellydancer. Belly Boy. Song: Bellydance Superstars (BDSS) Vol 3.: Ancient Ruins (Issam Houshan). رقص شرقي
GALA 2013
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Hey everyone,
in this video I did a little improvisation with the veil and then I danced a short belly dance choreography I created on my own =)
Hope you like it and enjoy watching.

Cette vidéo traite de Fériel Rodriguez oriental dance workshops Silk veil émotions France "breaking free" music
Al Hassan: Male Belly dance with veil and spanish fans. Flamenco Fusion. King of Props @ Aziza's Birthday Bash. August 25, 2007. Al Hassan is the Little Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008 and 1st Runner Up Champion of Champions. Male bellydancer. Belly Boy. رقص شرقي
11.04.2014 Bellydance with fan veils - Dance "Elements"
Dance school Visions (Moscow)
Choreography by Diana Jannat
Music: Paul Dinletir - Entrance of the Stars This is my winning performance at the Yaa Halla Ya'll 2012 competition. Many thanks to everyone for their support and for putting on this well organized and quality event!

To stay in touch like the fanpage:

Music: Dansoz Dunya

Небесный воздух, вода и огонь прославляют и покоряются Творцу / Heavenly air, Water and Fire praise and surrend to the Creator God

This is some footage of the Veil workshop held by Belly Dance Elements 11 10 09 - the Music is Pravaz. - Arian Band. This routine was a lot of veil arm work, with not much belly dance! None of the students had used a veil before. This was a hard veil routine for complete veil beginners, but the ladies had a fantastic day! Hope to post a full version of Belly Dance Elements performing it soon.
The music seemed to had a nice Spanish feel to it, although i know the band is not Span

My first stage performance.
Despite of some mistakes, I hope you enjoy it :)

A Arte da Dança do Ventre - Véus Vol. 04 / The art of belly dancing - Veils Vol 04.
Astman Olesya dance with veils !!!!!!!
Группа в контакте
Choreography by Bibiana Franco

Saura's flamenco style version of the biblical Salome dancing in front of Herod and her mother.

belly dance with poi veil , belly dance fusion modern mix, sexy model dancer entertainer,belly dancer anna pipoyan from
Americas got talent belly dancer ,actress belly dancing ,arabik music by ZOHAR

все про восточные танцы
Instagram: isabella_bellydance
Hey everyone!
In this video I am dancing my first little choreography with a ve...

Terri Allred at Tribal Beat Dance Retreat 2014 hosted by Satori Violet Dance Company in Mankato, MN. Footage by FuzzTalkRadio.

Nearly every dancer has fought wth a veil onstage at some point. What would happen if the veil won? Thanks to fantastic musicians "Dr. D" Dave Lake and "The Undercrypt" Keith Spears.

Performed at the Al-Bahira "Giggles and Glam" Fundraiser Show at Patrick's Cabaret on April 1, 2012. Minneapolis, MN
Танець живота 2 платка шоу. Танец живота 2 платка шоу. Belly dance with double veil. Танці Тернопіль. Show belly dance. (0352) 424998, (096) 8075774, (063) 7619398
KNK-studio of oriental dance
Choreography: Korobeynikova Elena
The teacher: Korobeynikova ELena
This is the veil part of beautiful Aziza's choreography.
She is one of the best dancer who well know about veil.

Last part was NG cut...
Sometimes we can make a mistake!
No ones perfect! OK?? lol....
BloodMoon 11 After Party
Fan Veils
Music - Yearning

If you would like to buy the performance DVD of the galashow, please visit the page below or contact us by email:

Choreography by Sefirah

Восточный танец на Ваш праздник. Классический арабский танец, танцы с различными аксессуарами (канделябр, веера-вейлы, крылья, платок, трость), табла-соло, интерактив со зрителями. Контакты -
8 905 565 38 89
8 925 038 09 02
Lia Verra 's Fan Veils Workshop teaching @ LdB Greece Oriental Dance Festival .

Facebook Page :
Instagram Official :

Regie & Artistic Director Organized by :
Lia Verra & Nikolas Kazakos

Lia Verra is a International Oriental Dancer, Choreographer , Instructor & Producer living in Greece. She was born in Greece but grew up in Germany ...Lia Verra has created two instructional DVD's . The first was "Hypnosis
2016 World Belly Dance Festival
WeChat: jamilabellydance
Модель 3.
Цена пару - 850 грн.
Для России 3900 руб. + бесплатная доставка.
Можем сделать диоды на ваши веера - 490 грн.<br/><br/>
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Learn how to use belly dancing veils with this belly dancing lesson. Expert: Irina Akulenko
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Полный сборник:

Группа - Онлайн обучение танцам
Darigh Nur by Mario Kirlis
My first ever student veil performance to Sting's Desert Rose.A Girl lost in the desert and without hope..she stumbles upon a lovely Oasis(veil) which nourishes her and gives her meaning to carry on.We've all been down and out many times in life .This beautiful song has really inspired me to go deep into my personal experiences in life and come up with this unique interpretation.Hope you like it.

Dance of the Seven Veils - mystical dance of the seven chakras to the music of Rosa Zaragoza
Gala Show in Torrevieja - Spain (2007)

Veil Dance Instructional Schleiertanz lernen Single and Double Veil Einzel- und Doppelschleier Music: Al Ahram Orchestra, CD / Track: "Layali al Sharq" / Hollywood Music Center Speaker: Tammi Huber Camera and Film-Editing: Rene Künzel Light - and Sound Engeneering: Matthias Neumann Dance and Regie: Claudina Info: &
Светодиодные веера-вейлы, модель№2.
Цвет можно выбрать любой.
Цена за пару - 950 грн.
Для России 4300 руб. + бесплатная доставка.
Можем сделать диоды на ваши веера - 590 грн.
Выступление на новогодней корпоративной вечеринке

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Arabesque walk, touch overhead
Throw Away
Criss-Cross Toss
Cross-step and pivot
Three-point turn
Around the World
Roman Cape
Over-the-shoulder circles
Stepping back with veil
airplane variation
Rocking butterfly
Spin and travel
Wide legg
Mia Shauri: Belly Dance with Veil and Zills (Finger Cymbals) @ Rakkasah's 2nd Spring Caravan Belly Dance Fusion Festival. The band Pangia is Pat Olsen (on oud) and Denise (on keyboard), assisted on this occasion by Carmine and Brad, of the band Djinn, on Tabla. June 6-8 2008. Mia Shauri is the Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008 and the 1st Runner Up in Belly Dancer of the Year 2008. رقص شرقي<br/><br/>
Танец с вейлами в оранжевом
Dinasty of the sun - May 2007 concert
Shahravar Double veil set 2003? Improvisation to Natacha Atlas.
Columbus Center Salt Lake City, Utah.
Desert Orchid Showcase

Strauss: Salome Dance of the 7 Veils, part 2

Instructional DVD and music available at

Choreography by Mirabai Asal. Music is Darigh Nur by Mario Kirlis.

Школа восточного танца ''ДЖАМАЛЬ''.Выступление на ''ПАРАДЕ ШКОЛ'' сентябрь 2010.

Моя учителька східного танцю
Dance, fitness, modeling instruction / classes - video / DVD / iPhone, iPad Apps:

Season 3, Episode 2 of Omnibus. This episode was originally broadcast on 15th of February 1970.

Director: Ken Russell.
Writers: Henry Reed and Ken Russell.
Stars: Christopher Gable, Judith Paris and Kenneth Colley.

Only someone with Ken Russell’s outrageous genius would have the balls to make a film like Dance of the Seven Veils. Sub-titled A Comic Strip in Seven Episodes on the life of Richard Strauss 1864-1949, the film depicted the German composer of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” as a Nazi. As Michael Broo
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Let's Dance Prague Oriental Competition 2015 (fantasy & fusion solo)

Camera: Jiko Brno
Edited: Kathreen
Four Seasons: Tamalyn Dallal & Caresse Dance Taiwan
四季:Tamalyn Dallal與摩娑舞團共同演出
Director: Aida Huang
Choreo: Fan Veils Be...

להקת איזיס האביב -פאריד אל אטראש Isis Belly Dance Ensamble farid el atrash فريد الاطرش spring (EL Rabih
Yam Even Hashahar
ניהול אומנותי והפקה : דורית ייני
כוריאוגרפיה : ים אבן השחר
מתוך מופע: סינמה מאסר

Free Download:

30.05.2014. ~ Night in Cairo III: Aladdin, organized by Bastet belly dance studio
This performance is part of the story about Aladdin and presents to us Princess Jasmine's sadness while she yearns for her love, Aladdin.

Style: Modern oriental dance with veil poi
Choreographer: Tanja Miric
Dancers: Ivana Petrusa, Iva Ackar, Mihaela Dvojkovic, Tea Gavranovic, Helena Leko, Tena Bokulic, Karmen Puskar

Ballet flamenco " SALOME" de Carlos Saura
Танец семи покров.
Саломея— иудейская принцесса, дочь Ирориады, падчерица Ирода Антипы. Известна своим мастерством танца, который очаровал Ирода так, что он согласился выполнить любое её желание. Саломея потребовала убить пророка Иоанна Крестителя и ей была принесена на блюде его голова. За это она обещала султану исполнить танец 7 покровов. Покров, вуаль, фата – были символом чистоты и невинности. Сбрасывание каждого из покровов означало достижение чистоты. Покровы символизировали 4 элемента: огонь, землю, воду и воздух, и 3 основы существа: тело, душу и дух.
Постановка Солпанова Екатерина
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belly dance fan veils: basic moves
Me and my class choreagraphed this veil dance. This performance is the 4th Annual Sultry Summer Gala for the WM Womens SAFE House at the Blue Ridge Auditorium in Pinetop, Az.
Izzy sizzles with her fan, then honors a friend with a bittersweet "duet." Filmed by Alex Oliszewski at the Durango Arts Center, Colorado, May 2006.
Танець живота з платком дорослі початківці. Танец живота с платком взрослые начинающие. Belly dance with veil. Танці Тернопіль. (0352) 424998, (096) 8075774, (063) 7619398
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This is a dance to the a song from a video game sound track, for all of you dorks out there it is Gears of war. Beautiful soundtrack. The thought behind movement was that a scared warrior returns home from war only to find that the ghost of his past and his mind are his new enemy.

For more information on Veil Poi:

Понимаю, что жуть-жуть, но первая часть вдохновляет!

Choreography: fan veils - Samiyah, drum solo - Sonia (BDSS)

D'Ambra Dance Company
Doble Velo
Alby Hases Feek - Elissa

Dance improvization with veil in Maha shiwaratri ritual 2012 (Yoga school "Dipika"-Latvia)
Improvization by dancer Zita Valka.
The Serpentine Dance ( ) was performed for the 150th birthday of Loie Fuller :
Loie Fuller , born in 1862 , was the first famous veil dancer and pioneer of modern dance and stage lights.

Der Serpentinentanz ( ) wurde zum 150. Geburtstag von Loie Fuller aufgeführt:
Loie Fuller, 1862 geboren, war die erste berühmte Schleiertänzerin und Wegbereiterin des modernen Ta
Rajani Rea in Belly Dance United's Bellylicious at the Necropolis in St. Louis, MO, Dance of 7 veils.

The First International Opera Festival -- Open-air «Kazan autumn» 2011.
State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan. Author of the performance idea and Principal conductor - Alexander Sladkovsky.
Движения с платком. Позиции рук и "Каскад". Veil Dance.
Страница ВК
Группа Вк
Восточный танец в Москве
Two things I love most - the veil for it's ethereal quality and the duduk, an Armenian wind instrument known for it's beautifully haunting sound. T...

Watch me reacting to this video 3 years later here!:

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a hot hot hot sexy burlesque belly dance super star goddess Kashmir's new school of modern belly dance 1-937-760-2795,costumes ,by Deniz,ladykashmir,

Школа восточного танца "Скарабей" под руководством Даниэллы
Благотворительный Рождественский концерт в г. Печоры 10 янв. 2015г
Школа восточного танца "Скарабей" (г. Псков)

Обучение танцу живота
+7 963 336 59 16
Танец живота в Москве
Школа современного восточного танца "VeilDance" (ВейлДэнс). Педагог-хореограф Белолипецкая Анастасия.
Восточный танец в Москве. Обучение танцу живота. Групповые и индивидуальные уроки.
Канал на Youtube
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Learn how to do the veil lift into a butterfly dance move in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.

We're going to bring the hands together and then shoot them out. So,
together and out.

As you're bringing them together we're actually going to lift the veil up
and over. So, lift up and over.

So, the hands are kind of doing a circle, and down, going in, in the bi
Click on "show more" or visit my blog for details on 27 Ways to Wear a Belly Dance Veil!

In this video, you’ll see 27 ways that you can wear your belly dance veil. I’m hoping these will spark ideas for your entrances and poses as part of dancing or photography, and some of these can be used as a cover-up for your costume before and after performance. Enjoy!

1. The classic neck veil

2. The wedding veil

3. The Belle

4. The face veil - wrap y
Танець живота Тернопіль. Танець з платком. Belly dance veils. Композиція "Танцюй зі мною". Керівник Галайко Наталя. Танцювальний Клуб "Схід Сонця" м.Тернопіль. 0968075774.
Восточный танец в Москве
Astman Olesya dance with veils QUEENS PARTY 5
Bellydancer Djun from Russia
Танец с вейлами Алхена и Наида, Новогодняя ночь 2016, ресторан "You Are Welcome" Мурманск
Bellydancer Astman Olesya
Группа в контакте :
Hotel Marina plaza
NW Folklife Festival 2012 at Exhibition Hall.
Blue Lotus perform Awedony with silk veils and sword dance to "The Cobra" by Hossam Ramzy & Phill Thornton.
(some parts are cut off - people were walking/standing right in front of camera :((( )

Our lovely friends, Veil Dance, love to experiment and fuse, and here it goes - a bit of tango in traditional bellydance!:) Performing at Tribal Mafia for the studio anniversary party.
Восточный танец в Москве
Движения с платком. Переворот вокруг себя.Veil Dance.
Страница ВК
Группа ВК
So this was my First time trying to dance with Fan Veils. I never learned how to dance with them before and didnt had time to practice much. So I just tried to make an improvisation and hoped it could look good. It was just really really hard to let the veils flow well cause there was very heavy wind =/
Anyway I hope you enjoy my little Improvisation to the beautiful song Yearning =)

My boyfriend always has such creative ideas for my videos and photos..I am so happy th

Выступление средней группы студии Star Dance на отчетном концерте студии в Арт-кафе Дуровъ.
Выступление на Фестивале рукоделия "Школа ремесел" в ТЦ"Орех", 4-5.07.2015
a Tale of Tales

Animation by Laura Raines Smith
Dance by Eléonore Valere Lachky
Music by Gerry De Mol
Actuación de Danza Oriental con velo de Eva Sampedro en el espectáculo "Nataraja". El show fue organizado por la Escuela Danza Oriental & Tribal Eva Sampedro en Junio de 2013 en Zaragoza (España). Más información:

Música: "La Serena" de Azam Ali
Coreografía: Eva Sampedro

Oriental Dance performance with veil by Eva Sampedro from the Show "Nataraja". The show was organized by Eva Sampedro´s Oriental & Tribal Dance Studio in June 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain). More information:
This is from the 1965 fim Al Seba Wal Jamal (The Young and The Beautiful) a movie filmed in Lebanon starring Lebanese singer Saba7, dancer Nadia Gamal and Egyptian actor/singer Moharram Fouad. Saba7 and Nadia Gamal play the roles of a singer and a dancer who are also best friends. They are waiting for their dates to arrive. Saba7 tells Nadia Gamal that she is happy and that this is such a beautiful place that she has been daydreaming and imagining them both dancing and singing there. Then the scene shows th
Школа танцев "Экспромт". Отрывок из танцевального спектакля "Золушка". Танец Камин.
Исполняет группа танца живота.
Постановщик Александра Усанова.
Школа танцев, спортивно-танцевальный клуб "Экспромт" (Санкт-Петербург)
Choreographer Alexandra Usanova.
Expromt Dance studio (Saint-Petersburg).

Улица Марата 47-49, тел. +7(812)921-0376, +7(812)575-7175 - сайты школы танцев "Экспромт". - группа школы танца живота "Экспромт" в контакте.
When people think Belly Dancer, they think Veils! Veils that float, spin, and hide then reveal the dancer ~ veils can add magic and loft to your performance.

Go to: to Purchase this DVD.

Let AZIZA show you how to make a veil more than a prop; with Aziza, your veil becomes your dance partner!
Ezer Rózsa Kertje (Garden of Thousand Roses) Hungarian Bellydance Group performance at V. Nasreen Galashow. 05. July 2010.

Coreography: Nasreen
Music: Paul Dinletir - Dervish Dreams

Astman Olesya

Belly dance with veil
Music: Issam Houshan – Ancient ruins
Танец с летящей шалью
Заказать выступление

В танце женщина может прожить множество жизней, раскрывая свои грани и узнавая себя с новых сторон.
Танец всегда преображает женщину.
Танцуя, женщина становится самой собой.
Студия танцев "Экспромт" СПб. Отрывок из танцевального спектакля "Приключения Буратино или Золотой ключик". 04 апреля 2015 года.
Восточный танец с веерами вейлами "Камин Карабаса Барабаса".
Исполняют Теплякова Елена и Мельникова Галина.
Постановщик - Александра Усанова.
Школа танцев, спортивно-танцевальный клуб "Экспромт" (Санкт-Петербург)
Belly dance whith fan veils.
Choreographer Alexandra Usanova.
Expromt Dance studio (Saint-Petersburg).

Улица Марата 47-49, тел. +7(812)921-0376, +7(812)575-7175
Одно из рабочих видео, история подготовки завораживающего танца с Вуалями!
К вашему просмотру готово, ожидаем полного видео=))
Учимся работать с платком! 27 способов использовать в танце платок за 5 минут!
Blood on the Dance Floor at times gets mixed up with Black Veil Brides despite their music style falling into entirely different genres. Maybe people mix them up because of the makeup, but the reality is, BVB produces songs with far more depth and from the heart. BoTDF? I have no idea what they're going for half the time.

As for lead singers, Dahvie Vanity & Andy Biersack, pretty much no contest as you'll find in this video.

Download Me on iTunes:

Song: Waheshni balady
Singer: Carol Samaha

Choreography: Dolgikh Anna

1 место на Фестивале восточного танца "Айда" в номинации "малые группы классика"
Танцевальный телеканал - DANZA TV
Танцевальный телеканал "LA BELLA PASIONE" - это телеканал для российской и итальянской молодежи. Наш телеканал для просмотра бесплатный.
Группа в контакте:
The German belly dancer, teacher and choreographer Delanna is here teaching a poi veil/voi dance workshop at the Cairo by Night Festival in Stockholm, Sweden.
Music: Paul Dinletir-Immortal Love
Organizer: The Egyptian Cultural Centre (ekc) in Stockholm, Skanstull.

To find out more about Delanna visit:

To find out more about Cairo by Night Festival visit:

To find out more about Maja visit:
Танец с вуалью

Astman Olesya learning to dance with two veils
Студия танца и пилатеса Олеси Астман
Веера вейлы (или просто вейлы) — это такие веера, к которым присоединены полотна ткани (шёлка), так что они развиваются при исполнении танца с этим веером.

Тдк 25.07.2012
Музыка Oliver Shanti - Sacral Nirvana
My second ever veil poi, voi, solo!

Song: Tin Tin by Oojami

Светодиодные веера-вейлы, модель№3.
для Michaela Kamarádová (Czech)
Цвет - красный (можно выбрать любой)
Цена пару - 850 грн.
Для России 3900 руб. + бесплатная доставка.
Можем сделать диоды на ваши веера - 490 грн.