Vegan Song: IMPOSTURE- LA chanson VEGAN française qui va sauver des vies/ Imposture Vegan French song, Frazy - Cat Helicopter Song (Orvillecopter - flying

Vegan Song

Enfants de l'art prod Présente le clip imposture tourné par le réalisateur Mehdi Bara.

Ce nano métrage concept tourné sans autorisation et avec les moyens du bord, à la frontière entre le clip musical et le documentaire, à pour but de sensibiliser les citoyens du monde à la cause du peuple animal qui est, vous le comprendrez, intimement lié à la cause humanitaire.Ces animaux que nous chérissons tant et qui sont nos amis, à nous, sensibles à leur cause, mais qui sont si mal compris et respectés de nos
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5 June 2013: TMZ tv show with cat helicopter song:
"Flying Pizzas with Comedian Bryan Callen"


The worldwide 1st vegan cat sings about her turn into a helicopter & morality!

Artist Bart Jansen pays tribute to dead pet cat by turn
Kizz Cazz - 'We wanna make you VEGAN' - ENJOY!

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A good video clip for the organic vegan diet.

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by amateur singers
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this girl is singing a rhyming vegan song.
Here are the lyrics:
My choice is simple and it takes no school.
I can explain it by one single rule:
There is no difference between cats and cows,
All the "moo-es" are the same as "meow-s".
Protecting my planet is what I do best.
Animals are not meant to be dressed.
Monkeys in the zoo are no fun for me,
I like them better off climbing a tree.
Look into their eyes, it's easy to see,
The same as us, they deserve to be free.
We have all been blessed by our Mot
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Guitarist: Olda "Metadon" Florian: (Instagram: Metadoncz)
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I'm vegan
Death to all meat-eaters
I'm vegan
Death to all
I'm vegan
Death to all meat-eaters
I'm vegan
I'm vegan

You are killing poor animals
Milk is murder and disgusting
You don't know what is healthy
If you don't agree with me
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Misha is vegan which makes dating women difficult 20 years in the future. He and guitaris: Olda "Metadon" Florian sing a song about vegatarians and how meat-eaters should die.

Watch the original I'M VEGAN!!! DIE, MEAT-EATERS!!! SONG by MISHA (FOR KIDS):

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Веселая песенка про органические продукты