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Untitled Timelapse

*** Please view in HD *** I wanted to put a short video together as a teaser/trailer to my upcoming timelapse project that will be released by the end of Fall this year (2013). I'm excited to incorporate more shots into this project using motion control systems like the Stage Zero from Dynamic Perception and the eMotimo TB3. The last two shots of this video show their capabilities and I can't wait to get back outside underneath a dark sky and capture more footage like this! If you would like to see mo
A timelapse project I did in the winter/spring of 2010.
Shot at various locations between Drammen and Horten in Norway, along E18 highway and old E18 motorway.

Timelapse consists of 3 106 individual shots (frames).
Shot on a Canon EOS 40D, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 HSM lens and an intervalometer.

Music composed by Tariq Sarwar (www.tariqsarwar.net)