Untitled Places: Mikhail Karikis performs Untitled in Cof Minor at Kings Place concert hall, London January 2009, Different Places - Untitled

Untitled Places

Promo-video for exhibition Untitled Places by Becha

Studio Atomic Spoon
Artwork: Vesna Pesic http://www.behance.net/becha
Animation: Zeljko Katanic http://www.behance.net/Katanage
Music: Les Claypool and The Holy Mackarel – Running the Gauntlet

Mikhail sings Untitled in CoF Minor at an unforgettable concert he curated at Kings Place concert hall (London, January 2009) with experimental vocalists Linda Hirst, Martyn Bates from Eyeless in Gaza, E:laine and Sub Rosa label.

вживую, PAPER на Красном Октябре