United Harmony - CommandSpry смотреть онлайн

United Harmony - CommandSpry

Real men make songs for charity.

This is a tune I did waaaay back, but I might as well upload it eh :)

It's in the Seeds of Kindness album which you should donate to and help fund a clinic in Uganda and build safe houses in Burgundi (don't kill me if I've mistaken the info a bit here :D)


Wasn't really too satisfied but hey, it's god a few catchy tunes. Might unlist it after a while, who knows :)

Let's give credit where credit's due:

Original art by Heart-Of-Stitches: http://heart-of-stitches.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4del4w
(by the way I did the most leet edit of them all, SHE IS NO LONGER SMILING MUHAHAHA NOW SHE'S ALL SERENE AND SH!T)

Art: http://i.minus.com/ibfCXYrdttWOUa.jpg

No download, donate and get the full album with 40+ tracks that are all better than this :)