Underworld - Glam Bucket: Underworld Glam Bucket, Underworld - Glam Bucket ( OST NFS:Undercover), Underworld & ShpeZho!! - Kings & Pimps (Glam Bucket

Underworld - Glam Bucket

Underworld Glam Bucket Oblivion With Bells New 2007 Music Dance Rave Techno Electronic Trance House

music: Underworld
text, vocal: ShpeZho!! (DVJ ViZual Insider + MC ShperrGo!!)
video: ViZual Insider
music: Underworld
text, vocal: ShpeZho!! (ViZual Insider + ShperrGo!!)
video: ViZual Insider

альтернативная ссылка на видео в значительно лучшем качестве:
(перед просмотром выбрать опцию СМОТРЕТЬ В ВЫСОКОМ КАЧЕСТВЕ )
Oblivion with Bells (2007) All work belongs to Underworld. To buy the album here's the link: http://www.underworldlive.com/store/cds?page=2

A video mash up of Glam Bucket and Tokyo Highway 6 (cHX_i9GViwI) by ottibrkjpn. I replaced the original audio track and when I re-encoded it with KDEnlive, to my surprised the video came out a lot smoother

I like the the how the lane markers and elements sync so well with the audio.
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