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Ultra Gypsy

Ищем Рэйчел!
Ultra Gypsy at Tribal Fest 5 in Sebastopol, CA

Fan Song:
choreographed by: Erin Harper, Tanja Odzak, Abby Stein, Sabine Kaluaratchi, Kristin McClanahan
performed by: Jill Parker, Erin Harper, Tanja Odzak, Gibson Pearl, Yvette Mercer

Drum Solo:
choreographed by: Tanja Odzak, Erica Lingrell, Kristin Wilson, Jill Parker
performed by: Ultra Gypsy

Here is part of Ultra Gypsy's performance from Nouveaux Nights March 2007

Ultra Gypsy's performance at Nouveaux Nights

Ultra Gypsy performing at Tribal Fest 5 in Sebastopol, CA

choreographed by: Jill Parker
performed by: Ultra Gypsy

Sword Song:
choreographed by: Tanja Odzak, Kristin Wilson, Sabine Kaluaratchi
performed by: Tanja Odzak, Kristin Wilson, Erica Lingrell

Ultra Gypsy directed by Jill Parker and co-directed by Rose Harden, a piece back from Oakland, wayyy back... with Deb Rubin and Sarah Campbell and Rose, and Wendy

Choreographer Jill Parker leads the Ultra Gypsy tribal belly dancing troupe, including Rachel Brice, for "the cutting edge" a visionary cable TV show produced by Jerry B in Berkeley, CA in 2001.
Directed and edited by D. Sosnoski
They are Gypsies for today's world. They are a myriad of cultures, old and new, picking up what they need and defying the taboos that bind them. They are modern and primitive, urban and tribal, medusa and machine. They are Ultra Gypsy.

Ultra Gypsy
Track: Mazamir
Band: The Upper Egypt Ensemble
Dance Form: Tribal Fusion
DVD:Bellydance Underworld
ultra gypsy at "in the streets", SF