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The USMC commercial for 2011.
Airsoft Attack 123 (Dane)
Уважаемые ребята из МинОбороны,когда у нас будет реклама подобного рода,может ситуация с призывом изменится?!)
This is the new United States Marine Corps television commercial.
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The United States Marine Corps launched its new recruitment advertising campaign today titled, Home of the Brave. The integrated campaign from J. Walter Thompson’s Atlanta office showcases a vibrant, diverse tapestry of today’s America and what makes it worth serving.

At a time of division and conflicting views of what it means to be an American, Home of the Brave emphasizes that th
New Marine Corps commercial...enjoy

semper fidelis
Marine Corps recruiting commercial from the 70's featuring the AV-8A Harrier.
У них є мотивація, синхронність дій і інвентар.
а у нас горілка, забобони і металобрухт?
The Few. The Proud. The Marines.
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Making Marines...Commitment
USMC Marines Commercial - 'We Make Marines'