Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone: Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone (Official Video 2012), Sebastian-Two Door Cinema Club-Sleep Alone (Drum Cover), Two Door

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone

taken from their forthcoming 2nd album "Beacon" (2012)
Label : Love Da Records / License from : Kitsune
I present to you the first Drum Cover of my newest series. I Hope you guys enjoy it! =)

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External Drums by Sebastian.

Two Door Cinema Club [VK]:
Dir : AB/CD/CD DOP : Nicolas Loir Edit : Flavie Doubesky Producer : Claire Stubbs Post prodcution : Royal Post Poduction : Partizan
Two Door Cinema Club return to perform for WatchListenTell

My only goal
Is to see and I'm only fast asleep
It takes more than strength to find
This peace of mind

So I'll hold, hold, hold it close
To my heart beating with every step
Hold, hold, hold it close

He sleeps alone
He needs no army where he's headed
'cause he knows
That they're just ghosts
And they can't hurt him
Cause he can't see them, ohhh

And I may go
To places I have

После этого лайва я влюбился в этих пацанов.
Performance Two Door Cinema Club with Sleep Alone @ Lowlands 2012

Two Door Cinema Club exclusively performed Sleep Alone for In:Demand.

This is Two Door Cinema Clubs new single "Sleep Alone"
This song is about Alex's dreams he was having when himself, Sam and Kev moved up to Glasgow last September. Thought I'd upload it because I love this song and Two Door! :)

The song has just come out and already love it! So just had to cover it:D hope u like it and plzz subscribe rate and comment thanks:)

A Perfect Day Festival 2012 ( Villafranca di Verona)

Le Rocher de Palmer à CENON , 13/11/2012
Two Door Cinema Club Argentina

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2016
인천 펜타포트 락 페스티벌 2016 - 투 도어 시네마 클럽
Ekaterinburg. Tele-Club. 01/06/2013

Oakland, Oracle Arena - December 7, 2012

Lukyean, Marcus and I team up to please the ladies #2
Two Door Cinema Club perform an exclusive acoustic version of Sleep Alone for ASOS.

Ventured into a different genre with this one, yall. I hope you like my ponytail.

Erika Kelly playing "Sleep Alone" by Two Door Cinema Club on harp.

I know it's been over a month since my last cover but i have been really busy and cold's aren't particularly good for singing :( Anyway, this is an acoustic version of Sleep Alone from the new TDCC album, it's such a good song so i hope i did it justice! Plus it was cold so that explains the red nose :-)


Two Door Cinema Club perform live at 102.1 the Edge's Sugar Beach Studio in Toronto.

Выход и начало Sleep Alone
Live 30.05.13
Hello everyone! Here is the " How to" on playing "Sleep Alone" by Two Door Cinema Club! This song and Sam's part is very dear to me as I have taken tons of my time to tab it for myself. It's almost like a dear friend, haha! Anyway, for the settings I usually just use reverb and delay as a MUST on most TDCC songs (put as much as you think). The pick-up is in the middle or away from the guitar! Re-watch if need be and I really hope this helps!

Thank you guys! x

Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
Album: Beacon
Song: Sleep Alone

TDCC - Sleep Alone.pdf!rdt3gSbI!eDQ2Qm48_l8adOgw-I69Ak7hxZEewrNscdotpemOY0E

Played by Pedro Zappa

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Two Door Cinema Club play a track from their second album, 'Beacon,' during their September 27 Webcast on The Bowery Presents Live.

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Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone (The Chainsmokers Remix)[Glassnote Records]

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I hope it's right cos it's done by ear :)

Two Door Cinema Club performing at the Living Room in NYC.

Watch the rest here:
Two Door Cinema Club -- Sleep Alone Концерт в Питере 29.05.2013

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone - Live - Stadium Live - Moscow 30.05.2013.

ahaa, excuse my hair, I had to pin it out of the way as it was obscuring my vision. Also, just sort of gave up at the end, wups. Anyways, great band, great song, sorry for destroying it, enjoy!x

Barack Obama's favourite band Two Door Cinema Club performed an acoustic version of "Sleep Alone" for ANDPOP. During the session they told us all about the mundane things they love about North America. Subscribe for more Making Waves!

Two Door Cinema Club playing Sleep Alone live and acoustic at Studio Brussel, Belgian national radio.
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Music video by Two Door Cinema Club performing Sleep Alone (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

More from Two Door Cinema Club at Reading Festival 2012: Two Door Cinema Club perform Sleep Alone as part of their set on the Radio 1 / NME Stage at Reading Festival 2012.

Northern Irish indie-rock band Two Door Cinema club visit the Guardian studio perform an exclusive live version of Sleep Alone, the first single from their new album, Beacon. Frontman Alex Trimble explains the origins of the song in the band's relocation to Glasgow

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone ( 25.03.13, Wien) //

Two Door Cinema Club in live session on The Beat at the BBC. As heard on Saturday 25 August 2012 on BBC Radio Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Lincolnshire.
Recorded by Dean Jackson
Filmed & edited by Juls Chambon