Accel World vs.Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight (PV)., Accel World VS Sword Art Online_ Millennium Twilight - First Official Gameplay T,


Тот самый паблик -
Ещё больше опенингов и эндингов без титров, а так же новости из мира аниме (и не только) в этом паблике -
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
I know... I skipped right from part one to four in the twilight saga xD I swear, I meant to do all of the covers, but after I did the first a little while ago, I just couldn't get going again -- book two and three just don't have as interesting covers xD I was asked for the Breaking Dawn part last week, so I though I would do it now and then maybe come back and do the two others later xD

I'm sorry about the bad light, I will record by the window next time :)

I hope you enjoy :)


Gstar 2011 Lineage Eternal

1 - In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement)
2 - Creep Evil
3 - Sleeping Beauty - The Journey
4 - Purity
5 - Sleeping Beauty - Connected
6 - Tongue Angel
7 - I Moved
8 - Blackened In My Eyes
9 - Temptations
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Gracie Whitton/ Renesmee Cullen/Twilight: Breaking Dawn/ Landrum Arts 318.426.8674<br/><br/>
All aboard the hype train! Bandai Namco just released the Opening Intro for the upcoming Accel World vs Sword Art Online: Millenium Twilight crosso...

This is just something I thought up after playing the board game Twilight Imperium from Fantasy Flight games. During a game I just sat there imagining how such a space battle might look like, so I created this little video. All the animation and models made by me and a friend of mine made the music and soundeffects.
Hope you like it!.. enjoy!
My Little Pony Twilight is teaching an art class to a classroom full of students. Littlest Pet Shop students, that is. They are using Play Doh moulding clay and have to build anything that comes to mind. I hope they all pass this class, Twilight will be giving out the grades at the end. Come watch all the fun!

Also, wathc the blind bag opening of the LPS Cand Swirl Dream collection Narwhal:

Watch the bl
Bandai Namco has released the opening movie for Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight. It features the theme song “S×W -Soul Worl...
Fighting is Magic - Bite-Sized Update Week 4
Fighting is Magic's Revamped look Edition

Behind the scenes: Twilight Sparkle Splash Art progress time lapse.

NOT featuring Jay's Musical tastes!*

Beyond Twilight's album For The Love Of Art And The Making
Hey guys! Just thought id upload this cause i couldnt find any Alicorn Twilight wallpapers so i made my own :D leave a like and a comment if you want me to make more! Thanks for watching!!!!


Процесс рисования двух героинь сериала "My Little Pony" Cансет Шиммер и Твайлайт Спаркл.
Трек из видео:
Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb.
Программа для рисования:
Paint Tool SAI.
Ссылка на мою группу:
I was requested to do Team Jacob and Edward nails, so here's Jacob and Edward is next ^^

Hope you enjoy

Music: "Dark Times" by Kevin Macleod

DOWNLOAD: This should have been uploaded like 2 weeks ago. Sorry for it being so late :/
Enjoy guys! I'm rather proud of this one personally.
The Twilight Sage - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn seed paintings by Stephen Quick.

Well Stephanie Meyer I've done um' all! Paintings based on all four of the Twilight books covers, the apple, the flower, the ribbon and the chessboard. Hope you like them.

All the painting are on much smaller canvases than I normally do, but they were commissioned and each small canvas is designed to act as one big piece once hung, they are all in acrylic paint and varied in the length to do, Eclipse being the fastest and Breaking Dawn taking the longest. Keeping the colour (yes with a 'u') of the original images on the books, the black, greys, whites and blacks, they lend them selves so well to a painting I had a really great time recreating them in my style.

As normal all recorded on a DV cam and edited on Premiere.

Hope you like the introduction, it was very painful to shoot for a introvert (really!) English man like me, the - Original Artwork "Paris View at Twilight". Performed by Chritian Vernet, oil on canvas.
сам арт -
моя группа -
рисую на планшете-bamboo wacom pen&touch
программа в которой рисую-paint tool SAI
скилл-средний(ближе к малому)
спасибо за просмотр
лайк и подписка :D
Accel World VS Sword Art Online - Millennium Twilight - Teaser Trailer - PS4 - PS Vita[1080P 60FPS] Release Date 2017
Выйдет на приставках PlayStation 4 и PlayStation Vita в Японии в 2017 году.

When you are working on acrylic abstract painting think about the focal point in your painting. Human eye is drawn to a particular feature, because it dominates in some way . It may be one of the following characteristics:

- the largest shape
- the brightest (and most highly saturated) color
- the most or least textured area
- the area with the strongest value (light versus dark) contrast
- the only cool color among the hot ones and vs vs
- the only hard-e

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Процесс рисования Твайлайт Спаркл из
Трек из видео:
Euphony - Molecule
Программа для рисования:
Paint Tool SAI
Ссылка на мою группу:
This was a collaboration between the artist GoatTrain and I. He did the sketch and I colored. :) The artist is awesome with perspective, and giant pones. I enjoyed making this.

Song: White Rabbit (Original Wonderland mix)
Goat Train's Tumblr:
Josh Radnor debates the validity of Twilight with his 'Liberal Arts' co-star Ashley Olsen. Not only is it funny, but it raises the question: Do people read to be enriched or to be entertained? (Credit Card) (Paypal)
This is a preview for the in depth gumroad video revealing the techniques and thought process behind creating a strong character design for video games and animation. Gain insight into what went into the layout and design of the characters from the mini novel, and see how the intentions of the piece changed throughout the demonstration Also, this video contains inside info on the Twilight Monk storyline from the creator himsel (Credit Card) (Paypal)
This is a preview for the in depth gumroad video revealing the techniques and thought process behind creating a strong environment illustration. Gain insight into what went into the layout and design of the environment in this shot, and see how the intentions of the piece changed throughout the demonstration Also, this video contains inside info on the Twilight Monk storyline from the creator himself. Check out the
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Описание к рассказу: Эдвард Каллен - сын известного врача Карлайла Каллена. Не желая быть зависимым от отца, он устраивается на работу в парк аттракционов, где вскоре находит хороших друзей и понимает, что работать в том месте не так уж плохо, как он считал раньше. Месяц спокойной жизни - это всё, что он успел получить, ведь в начале июля в город приезжает цирк с замечательной наездницей и очаровательной стриптизёршей, которые сначала совсем не вол
TWILIGHT FORCE - The Art Of 'Heroes Of Mighty Magic' (OFFICIAL TRAILER#3)

TWILIGHT FORCE exlpain the artwork of their new epic 'HEROES OF MIGHTY MAGIC'. Get it here:
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'Heroes Of Mighty Magic' will be available on August 26th!
Song: Municipal Waste - The Art Of Partying

The gorgeous BooBoo Stewart of Twilight fame arrives at Katsuya and demonstrates his flying kick martial arts techniques for us.

Heeeeeey, BooBoo.......!
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Minecraft speed art to seria w której będę pokazywał moje budowle, konstrukcje lub pixel art`y w "x" przyśpieszonym tępie.

Feint - Vision Driver
Feint - Clockwork Hearts
Feint - And I Knew
Feint - Sleepless

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