Turd: Turd Shaving 2013, Tower Of Gopal - Turd Dad (Iani Chaos), !!!! MIND TURDS - Episode 3 (Oct 7, 2010) xD, MIND TURDS - Episode 3, MIND TURDS - Episode 3


Session with a gropro with Jono, Tim, Max, Morgan, Joelan, Alvin and Mitch
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Если не смотреть полностью - лучше не смотреть вообще



Last two episodes of MIND TURDS

Rob Scallon
Giant Turd Music video! :)
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Big Time Rush - Giant Turd Official Music Video HD
From The Big Time Rush Episode Big Time Strike

oh your such a turd
oh yeah a giant turd
and you look like a turd
and you smell like a turd

oh your such a turd
oh yeah a giant turd
and you look like a turd
and you smeeeeieeeeeeieeeeell like a turd.

The boys take a stand against Gustavo and refrain from recording a follow-up album because of his harsh management style, which they call "striking it to the man" in the episode.

el video del cerdo jajajajaja version ho yea (no es editado)
просто Пашка
Vine by Getter
“When I meet Brits this is what I make them do. Because I'm an insufferable turd.
#georgiehenley @sisterhoodofnightmovie @marilynsfu #anotherbrickinthewall”
D3: The Mighty Ducks (also known as The Mighty Ducks 3) is the third film in The Mighty Ducks trilogy. It was produced by Avnet--Kerner Productions and Walt Disney Pictures, distributed by Buena Vista Distribution, and originally released to movie theaters on October 4, 1996.

🎬 Turd Birds - Launch Trailer

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gottaa lovee this (:

all rights to nickelodeon..
i dont own anything
Season 2 episode 24 , The Giant Turd Song
This is a clip from the hilarious episode of Big Time Strike! Please enjoy!

If you want the video, here's a download link: http://www.4shared.com/video/9UxSCc-A/Giant_Turd_Song.html

Ржачная песенка:) Хохо...)))
Big Time Rush _" The Giant Turd Song" (Episode Clip)
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla
The 2nd episode of the web series MIND TURDS. Quick and random sketch comedy.





Rob Scallon
The 5th episode of my sketch comedy web series. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, add it to your favorites and share it with your friends. Thanks! :)





Rob Scallon



By NNkaz1k*856
Official HQ The World Alive Music Video for '2012' Highest Quality version on the net! spread the word!
by Kemény Vagyim
Big Time Rush singing "Giant Turd" live in Berlin [02/01/2011]
An animated cartoon about a Felis catus consuming pixel art excrement.
Pretty much all the pixel art was done in MS Paint and animated in Adobe Flash.
кот говноед
Кавер на песню The Giant Turd Song (Ты такой балван) группы BIg Time Rush.
как-то так)


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An animated cartoon about a Felis catus consuming pixel art excrement.
Pretty much all the pixel art was done in MS Paint and animated in Adobe Flash.

Download the song: http://www.dramacore.com/info/88.htm

For better quality, please watch it on Newgrounds:

For more animations visit http://www.plasproductions.com

Made in MS Paint and Adobe Flash. Sponsored by Newgrounds.com
Funny song created by Martijn and Ruud about Stephen aka King Turd.

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Rob Scallon

Big time rush giant turd 1 and 2 version together, switch it to HD (720p or 1080p)

Vincent sees a bright glow from between the floorboards and removes one, revealing the pulsating turd.

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Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) gets candid about his new record on a local radio program.

TM & © Universal (2012)
Cast: Brian Bovell, Marcus Brigstocke, Gregor Fisher, Bill Nighy
Director: Richard Curtis
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- http://2kgam.es/TurdBirdsAmazon

Look out below, these birds need to POOP!

Birds of a feather drop turds together in this high-flying, tap to crap hunt for targets to poop on. Flock to beaches, construction sites and city parks to take aim on unsuspecting lifeguards, grannies and Facebook friends below!

Watch out for helicopters, UFO's and toxic waste as you soar through the rapid-fir
American Dad, the Golden Turd saga. My videos are never monetized, I'm just a huge fan of the show. Entertainment only, no infringement intended. P...
All "Giant Turd Songs" in a video.

Favorite South Park debate. Sorry for the quality. I'm not a douchw but my iPhone 5 is a turd.
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FNAF Monster School: The Most Beautiful Turd - Minecraft Animation (Five Nights At Freddy's)

Minecraft Animation FNAF Monster School create with using the mine-imator

I am not the owner of the video animation. I found it and I love minecraft animation so much. So I collected the video and added sound for making more fun with my friends.
A Jeopardy! contestant named Talia showed up on Wednesday’s show and won our hearts by actually getting host Alex Trebek to say the name Turd Ferguson with her Final Jeopardy answer: “What is the Love Ballad of Turd Ferguson?” It was truly, without a doubt, one of the finest moments in the history of this or any other game show, and Talia deserves every last second of her incoming internet fame.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Tricks Alex Trebek Into Saying Turd Ferguson,
Jeopardy contestant Turd Ferguson,
🎬 Turd Birds - Teaser Trailer - Coming 7.11.13

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Filthy Turd | My Name Is Filthy | Smell The Stench | 2006
Polishing a turd Part two we got the damn subaru lowered scraping its heart out, Part 3 is in the works Follow the life of this poor OutBack..

Everyone's all up in arms about this new Hamburgler, but what about the Turdburgler™, Funhaus's NEWEST, KEWLEST mascot!?

What's that, you say? You've never HEARD of the Turdburgler®! Then sit right down kiddos, and let me tell you about the hip new rad dude coming atcha with a bad tude.

Hamburgler's got a lame hat and tie? Turdburgler‰'s got a DENIM VEST and HIGH TOP SNEAKERS! Not ankle high, no way lame boy. I'm talkin' knee high high topz - the highest, bros!

País : Italy
Genero : Grindcore, Powerviolence

1.puberal baphomet
2.mullet for my valentine
3.your body will become my abat-jour
4.the will to smith
5.tropical mode on
6.don't touch the forbidden congas
7.orango juice
8.sperm bank robbery
9.children of boredom
10.go kart cobain

Recorded on October 10, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
eeew nasty.

югаааа.... это вам не тимати)))
Originally known as the abomination, but due to popular demand has been renamed to the turd abomination (Proton.) This is a 30ish second lipsynch animation I did in lightwave 8.
Filthy Turd | Dirt Death | Seven Sermones Ad Mortuos | 2006

Music video by Big Time Rush performing on the Nickelodeon's Show "Big Time Rush"
An unpleasant surprise in the toilet! From the film 'I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle'. In this famous nightmare sequence, Noddy's friend Buzzer returns as a talking turd. This clip was first featured on TV on the James Whale Show. There were several requests to show it again! In this sequence we see Neil Morrisey starring as Noddy and Daniel Peacock as Buzzer (the Turd).

TRIVIA: The sequence was filmed in three stages:

1) with the camera inside a toilet with a false bottom
2) inside a real toilet with an 'animatronic' turd, swimming in the water
3) Daniel Peacock as the turd for the close up. This took five hours in 'make-up'!

Special Effects by Image Animation.

Reviews said:

"Schoolboy toilet humour with teeth" - Time Out

"It's scary... very funny, and in the worst possible taste" - Daily Star

"A revoltingly funny movie. It's a riot of bad taste" - Sunday Mirror
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Pizza Vending Machine

MegaMan Lego Wall

Future Plane

Foam Armor Costume


Sky Dive Arena

Feces Burger

Pick Up Semi-Liquid Materials

Printer Paper Videogame

Pee Plant System

Human Body Orchestra Toy

$100,000 Razor

8-Bit Invader

Turd Birds игра на Андроид где птички гадят на головы прохожих http://mir-android.info/turd-birds-zlyie-metkie-ptichki/ Обзор на Мир Андроид.
Perth, Western Australia
1. I Understand
2. Open Your Eyes
3. High School Girls
4. T.V. Freak
5. Disco Junkies
Yung Turd - Wobby Woo ft. Adda Boi, Hightalian & Dr. Toilet

Thank you to everyone who made this video possible

DL for FREE: https://soundcloud.com/yungturd/wobby-woo-ft-adda-boi

© 2014 Rite Traxx Entertainment
Berklee College of Music presents:

*** South Park In Concert ***

a fully orchestrated concert tribute to South Park. Directed and Arranged by Nick Connell and Nick Olof

Dime Turd Season is dropping soon, here's a new teaser. The Montreal premiere/party is on Friday November 30th, and 15 premieres will follow through North America.


Album: Tentacles Of Whorror
US Black Metal

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Well, no doubt the title says it all?


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SlapFunk Records -- SLPFNK002

はい! I vote turd! An imaginary Japanese game show, edited together from 3 different videos, with still photos and graphics of my own.

dolph ziggler gets called a turd
SuperEd86 атакует снова
RT - Future of Food: Feeding 7 Billion

Not a Hoax or parody as research thus far has determined.

Japanese scientist making artificial meat from human feces.

This is the king called COCK
A princess SuUS
A prince called PRINCE

And a Bull

Are teenage dreams so hard to beat
Everytime she walks down the street
Another girl in the neighbourhood
Wish she was mine, she looks so good

I wanna hold her wanna hold her tight
Get teenage kicks right through the night

I'm gonna call her on the telephone
Have her over cos I'm all alone
I need excitement oh I need it bad
And its the best, I've ever had

I wanna hold her wanna hold her tight
Get teenage kicks right through the night

I wanna hold her wanna
I did a thing to my car, not professional, but diy so njoy!
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Songs: Tobu-Hope (NCS Remix)
Jo. Cohen & BQ- Glowing At Night ...

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Boredom? Procrastination, vlogging while looking like a Giant Wookie Turd from starwars. I have joined Patreon! Maybe you can some support me on patreon? :)

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The complete story (so far) of Roger's Golden Turd, a turd with an dark influence so powerful, it corrupts the minds of anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.

Wrong est le nouveau long-metrage de Quentin Dupieux (connu musicalement sous le pseudo de Mr. Oizo). La bande originale du film, par Mr Oizo et Tahiti Boy, est disponible ici: http://smarturl.it/Wrong

S'abonner à la chaîne officielle d'Ed Banger Records: http://bit.ly/EdBangerChannel

A l'été 2011, alors qu'il achevait le film, il s'était comme d'habitude attelé à en composer la musique. Il eut alors l'idée de la compléter à quatre mains avec David Sztanke alias Tahiti Boy, artiste pop françai
Toilet Boiling Over - Return of the Turds
Toilet Boiling Over - Return of the Turds
Toilet Boiling Over - Return of the Turds
Toilet Boiling Over - Return of the Turds
Песня о силе духа, о дружбе. 10.03.2016 СКЦ г. Каменск-Уральский
Runnin' around a couple different parks in a couple different countries. Shot on GOPRO3 hero and Canon 7D Song: Rolling Stones - Turd on the run

Freeski HD (http://vk.com/freeskihd)
You were my friend,
And can't believe that this is the end.
So many times we've laughed, so many times we've cried,
But I always thought we'd be all right.

But all good things must come to their end,
I'll be on my own again.

Pick me up when I was down,
The windows down, we drove around,
But I was lost, take me home.

Never felt so young and free,
The blue sky, the big blue sea,
I gonna miss you my little blue turd, you are dear.

But all good things must come to their end,
I'll be on my own again.
Gettin' Papes ft. Adda Boi



This is a sketch comedy web series filled with short and random skits.

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Rob Scallon, the guy who does the funky
bass tune during the credits. Check him out! Great music!

Special tha
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Полная версия:
Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach, has to drop a deuce before each show for good luck.
We've been hyping this one up for a minute. Do yourself a favor and go grab a copy at http://shop.dimemtl.com/
Featuring: Antoine Asselin, Andrew McGraw, Charles Rivard, Eric Riedl, Hugo Balek, JS Lapierre, Scott Decenzo, Alexis Lacroix, Kevin Lowry, Joey Larock, Wade Desarmo, Lee Yankou, Josh Clark, Charles Deschamps, Marc Tison, PLG, Gab Ekoe, Mitch Barette, Phil Lajeunesse, Paul Liliani, Will Marshall, JP Grenier, Adam Green, Cephas Benson, Zander Mitchell, Grant Patterson, Kyle Mcdonald, Max Fine, Ry
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...и не забывайте про лайки :D
Не вовремя открыл визор, а он отомслил за обиды )))
Dime Turd Season is the third feature video from the Montreal collective known as Dime. Presented by Slap Magazine, this video will feature skateboarding from all over Canada. Here is a preview of what's to come.

FNAF Monster School: The Most Beautiful Turd - Minecraft Animation (Five Nights At Freddy's)

Minecraft Animation FNAF Monster School create with using the mine-imator
Official Halim channel, check him out !!!
Mythbusters Polishing a TURD
Мега боевик
Dr.No Effects TURD Guitar Effect soon available at shop.drno-effects.com
Roscoe Born ©2012
Words Music by Roscoe Born
Produced/Directed by Paul Robinson

нарезка клёвых моментов : THAT'S NOT MY NAME, ASIA etc :D
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Ориентир Коровья Какашка. Коп 05 / Reference Cow Turd
Выжженное поле.

Найденные монеты:
1/2 копейки серебром Николая первого - 1842 года,
1 копейка Александра первого 1819 года,
3 копейки 1929 года
Something unpleasant in the toilet! This scene stars Neil Morrisey as Noddy, and Daniel Peacock as the Talking Turd - surely his finest hour!
Gina and Teresa are hanging their stockings by the chimney with care...but who is that strange beggar woman over there? Erin Oatmeal stole their 2014 Notary License Renewal Forms--what gall! Will this be a Nota-Merry Christmas after all? Find out on this special Christmas episode of Notary Publix.

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Cast & Credits
Фрагменты серий
"Homeland Insecurity" Season: 1 Episode: 6
"Failure is not a Factory-Installed Option" Season: 2 Episode: 3
"Blagsnarst: A Love Story" Season: 10 Episode: 03
Jalapeño poppers man they are hot. I love this recipe on how to make Atomic Bufalo Turds. ABT 's. Check it out!

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How To:
- Make a hole in a bag and fill it with cream cheese
- Slice jalapeños in in two and take out the seeds
- Fill the jalapeños with cream cheese and old cheese
- Season the bacon strips
- Wrap the jalapeños i
disney won't hire me

A machine that produces real excrement(shit),similar to human .
This game is literally crappy!

Last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCQAA-HmJKo

Play the game: http://gamejolt.com/games/platformer/poopy-ghost/39890/
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