Tropical Cake Boutique - Short animation by Ben Wheele смотреть онлайн

Tropical Cake Boutique - Short animation by Ben Wheele

Synopsis: 'A cake boutique employee interviews a couple of applicants for the job, but he isn't too impressed by their bizarre, magical disabilities...'

Universally given the cold-shoulder by film festivals worldwide, here is 'Tropical Cake Boutique', the short animation I made in my first year at RCA in 2010. (I wish they'd given it the hot-shoulder... the tropical-shoulder).

Anyway, I possibly went a little bit too far with this one...It's about a guy who hates disabled people, (alarm bells...) but because of equal opportunities, he is forced to interview them for a job at a tropical cake shop... sounds good right?

I really like anti-heroes, you see, and I thought it would be a good chance to introduce a bit of pathos at the end. Pathos within absurdity -- it's my nectar. The lip sync is a bit 'uncanny-valley-weird', but that was probably the point.

I think.....?

It was animated using Anime