Tricil - The Emancipation: Tricil — The Emancipation, Tricil - "The Emancipation", Tricil___The_Emancipation, Electronica: Tricil - The Emancipation

Tricil - The Emancipation

Айдиэмочка с дабстепчиком,хорошо!
Высокохудожественный видеоклип от Tricil и удачное музыкальное сопровождение.
Heart stopping electronica from Tricil and breath taking visuals from Burning Head.

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Directed by Franck Trebillac Marc Broussely
Produced by Burning Head

One of twelve music videos produced for Clear Notice's debut release, "Enter Calico" - available on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes as an audio album and iPad App.
Directed by: Franck Trebillac & Marc Broussely
Produced by: Burning Head
Executive producer: Crashburn media
Editor & Post-production: Franck Trebillac
Camera: Marc Broussely
Performer: Miss Maleficent Martini
Make-up artist: Edith Prouchandy