Tribal. Kami Liddle: Kami Liddle's Incredible Tribal Fusion Solo @ Tribal Fest '2008, Kami Liddle's Incredible Tribal Fusion Solo - Tribal Fest 8, Kami

Tribal. Kami Liddle

Rachel Brice and Kami Liddle - vintage 2005 Tribal Fusion
Music: Rapid Beat Construction - Inari
Album: Tribal Fusions: The Exotic Art Of Tribal Bellydance
Kami Liddle - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
Kami Liddle at Tribal Fusion
Music: A Necessary End (Saltillo)

Probably one one of her best performances. she's a lovely dancer and a great teacher!

Kami Liddle & Sabrina - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
Kami's performance at the Tribal Umrah Festival in Biarritz France, July 2009 hosted by Djeynee. Filmed by Sabrina MIlan.
Kami Liddle performing at Tribal Prague festival 2012

produced by Cheeky Girls Productions

Performed August 2010 in Split, Croatia at the Split Tribal Festival

Music: "I'm Not Done" Fever Ray Remix by R/D

Filmed by Matthias Lauwers

Kami Liddle's solo performance at Tribal Fest 2012 in Sebastopol, CA. Filmed by Jeffrey Weil
Inspirited by Kami Liddle and Kae Montgomery
Birthday Party Woman Fitnes Club Nika Sport
Tribal Ego 2014 10 May
Music by Susu Pampanin Hit the Bottles
Come study with these international star instructors, Nov 10 - 17, 2012 in Brazil.

Performance at Tribal Fest 2012, in Sebastopol, CA.
A mesmerizing performance by Kami Liddle.

video & edit
merrion dancing to Makaan (beats antique remix) choreography part improvisation part Zoe Jakes and kami liddle choreography :)
Tribal Roots 2014 by Francesca Trezza

An impromptu performance featuring dancing by Kami Liddle, accordion and vocals by August Hoerr and frame drum by Jeremiah Soto. Songs: "Vrtlog Vira" by Darkwood Dub, "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies.
January 2010 at 3rd Coast Tribal in Fort Worth, Texas
Video by Laura Palmer
Warsaw Tribal Dance Festival 2014.
First show in Poland of KAMI LIDDLE, tribal fusion star.
Organized by Orientmania Dance School.
October 25, 2014.
Warsaw, Poland.

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Warsaw Tribal Dance Festival 2014 - pierwszy taki event w Warszawie, z udziałem międzynarodowych gwiazd tańca.

Szkoła Tań
Beautiful Kami Liddle performed at Tribal Fest 10.
"Tribal-KZ VI" Gala Show
Dance Festival in Kazakhstan, Astana
9 MAY 2016
Instagram: tribalpro_olgameos
Kami Liddle - Evolution Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
Abhinaya: Kami Liddle and Sunny Singh's evening show in Taiwan
Organizer: Aida Huang
Location: National Taiwan Arts Education Center
Tribal Roots 2014 by francesca Trezza
Специальный проект:
Kami Liddle & Tribal Jam
Gala-show 7 Russian Tribal Festival/ Гала-шоу 7 Росси...
Dance Festival in Kazakhstan, Astana
8 MAY 2016
Instagram: tribalpro_olgameos
This was found in my archives. A classic Rachel Brice Tribal Fusion Solo from back in the day. Rachel is then Joined by Kami Liddle for a hot duet.... (6:15)
Tribal Art Show 2014
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Gold Star's debut performance. Directed and choreographed by Kami Liddle. Featuring Gina Bruno, Kae Montgomery, Rose Harden, Mat Jacob, Julie Rea and Zoe Jakes. Performed at Tribal Fest 2013 in Sebastopol, CA.

Kami Liddle solo presentation at the festival - 2011 - Sebastopol, Ca
Kami Liddle returns to Tribal Fest (2008). Everyone was so incredibly happy to see Kami perform. Kami awed the crowds who stayed Sunday afternoon to see her. THANK YOU KAMI! You are incredible!
Tribal Art Show 2014
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Recorded&edited by
Kami Liddle (USA)
TRIBAL WEEKEND festival 2012
Kiev, Ukraine
Music: Bound by Dan Cantrell
I ran across this performance from Kajira Djoumahna's first Maui Tribal Intensive. I just couldn't help but post it. Its a great performance from right when Kami was just getting into the big the scene. You can see why she made it, girl's got skillz!
Kami's solo performance at Tribal Fusion Faire in San Luis Obispo.
- Habibi Min Zaman by Balkan Beat Box
- Song 2 by DJ Krush
- Mumtaz Khan by Ratatat
Kami Liddle's solo performance with a bevy of amazing musicians... First up the The Resonant Rogues with "Following The Sun" followed by an impromptu drum solo with Carmine T. Guida, Benjamin Alderson and Alan Williams. Filmed by Laura Palmer.
Opening duet choreographed by Kami Liddle. Finger cymbal trio choreographed by Zoe Jakes. Performed in January 2014 at 3rd Coast Tribal in Fort Worth, Texas.