Towel Folding: (50X) Autonomously folding a pile of 5 previously-unseen towels, How to Fold a Wine Bottle Drip Guard from a Paper Towel, Autonomously folding a

Towel Folding

Название переводится примерно как: (50X) Автономное сворачивание 5 ранее неизвестных полотенец

6 апреля 2010 в Беркли научили робота складывать полотенца.

Обратите внимание, что видео ускорено в 50 раз, т.е. в реальном времени вся сцена занимает около полутора часов.

И все равно это очень круто.
Запись ускорена в 50 раз!

Это самое милое видео про роботов, которое я видела:))))
So cuuuuute!!!^_^
Towel, Learn how to fold towels to maximize space and make them look great.
This is extremely crafty and fancy. It takes a little time, but it's all worthwhile! Learn it and surprise your guests with this unique towel fold!

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Carnival Stateroom Steward folds a Towel Dinosaur. Click blog link for step-by-step instructions and still photos. - Creative Bed Fowl- How to fold a towel swan and heart. Towel art as demonstrated by Ian at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Montego Bay Jamaica
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Check out Debbee Barker's "how to" videos for FlipFold- The Ultimate Folding Tool. In this clip she will demonstrate how to fold a towel using FlipFold. Debbee Barker is the inventor of FlipFold-The Ultimate Folding Tool® and Flip 'N Dazzle.

Learn How to Fold a cruise ship Towel animal Cat. Step-by-step instructions and still photos available at

Folding towels with water cannons
When we got back to our hotel room at the Royal Corin in the Arenal near Fortuna in Costa Rica, we found an elephant on our bed. We asked the maid how she did it.

A beautifully folded towel is like a well made bed... It really does make you feel good and it adds a richness to your home without costing you a penny. In this video, I'll share several ideas for how to fold bath towels, hand and face towels. Whatever your towel folding style, taking something from basic to beautiful is always an uplifting experience, especially if it's something you see and use every single day.

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Video of how to fold a towel into a Swan.

Handdoeken-magie hoe maak ik van twee handdoeken een varken

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This video shows you how to fold a cat using towels. You will need a wash cloth for the tail, a large towel for the body, and a small towel for the head. For the eyes you can use paper, fabric, or other materials of your choice. I use yarn for the whiskers.
Handdoeken-magie hoe maak ik van twee handdoeken een kreeft

how to fold a towel into a swan, and fold 2 swans into a heart shape.

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Towel Folding - Doubletree Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Hello :) I hope your summer has been going well, mine was very weird :P I hope you enjoy this simple towel folding tutorial. ♥ Thank you for all of your comments and sweet messages, they brighten my days! :)

Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
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How to do paper napkin folding? Thanks to this tutorial, You're going to take your napkin here. In this Napkin Folding Tutorial I will show you how to create a Silverware Pouch from a standard size table Napkin. Enhance your beautifully set table in a few minutes with this napkin fold - the Silverware Pouch. The Silverware Pouch shows attention to detail, but is casual enough for breakfast or lunch service. This tip is very helpful!
asita eco resort presents how to fold a towel animal (elephant) to decorate on cozy bed in our guestroom

Come to enjoy fold a towel animal class and more activities at asita eco resort Amphawa
visit website:

ASMR Role play. ASMR Relaxing towels folding and fabric sounds. Female archetype - Goddess Hestia (wise woman, homemaker).
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Hey guys! :D I was getting allllooot of requests on doing more folding so I decided to try and make it into a role play sort of a video. I will teach you step by step how to fold towels in decorative ways to make them look nice and pretty. :) I used my new camera and a mic in this video, please tell me if you like it with the mic or not. Enjoy...

Project was led by UC Berkeley Ph.D. student Jeremy Maitin-Shepard working with Professor Pieter Abbeel. The video is shown at 50X speed. More details can be found in the paper at
Learn the different tips and techniques on how to fold hand and bath towels. This video tutorial gives easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions..... Have Fun :))

Simple Towel Fold - 00:03
Fancy Towek Fold - 00:51
Basic Towel Fold - 1:45
Basic Hand Towel Fold - 2:38
Easy Towel Fold - 3:42
Unique Hand Towel Fold - 5:02
Unique Towel Fold - 6:37

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How to fold the Towel to be a little dog presented by Maid at Best Western Pattaya during Seth visited and diagnose the hotel management and cost controls on September 17, 2009.

First impression when the customer enters the room and see it on the bed.
How to fold the towel to a Peacock by Deevana Plaza Phuket

This video shows you how to make a towel dog. You will need a large size and a smaller or medium size cotton towels. Cut out color papers or fabr...

This video is slightly different from the other "2 Ways to Fold Towel Elephants." I wanted to make a more secure elephant heads, and I came up wit...

Let's fold something smaller now. A hand towel! Here is a fairly easy way to fold a hand-towel! Watch this video and try folding your towels at home! This is a basic hand towel fold!

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My aunt folded a hand towel into a penis
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A special towel folding technique that adds style to the way you display your hand towel! Try your hands at it. With a little bit of practice, it shouldn't be that difficult! Here is a unique hand towel fold!

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