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Tough Mudder Training

Everest demands the most explosive force of all the Tough Mudder obstacles. See here how to develop the STRENGTH you’ll need:
Twenty meters of cage. Three feet of water. Ten inches to breathe. How will YOU train for the Tough Mudder Cage Crawl?

Get the upper-edge here:
We are building our College team for participation in toughest sport event on the Planet "Tough Mudder". Part of the training is indoor, but twice per week we meet all the team and go for jugging in Stanley park. As tough mudder event require you to do some crazy activities we train ourselves to be prepared for everything! This video shows swimming in the middle of our Stanley run, in shoes and clothes, with the water temperature around +8C. Next time we do it with all team members!!!
This is me training for the tough mudder. I am basically one of the toughest people I know.

Here's is a look at one of Real World Strength Coach's Team No Excuses Training session w/ a 25 lb weight vest for the soon to be world famous Tough Mudder!!

Mark Cathy (Team "Age Treachery") share clips of training sessions for the upcoming October 2010 Tough Mudder event.
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