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Concours Annecy youtube 2011 - 1er prix

2ième prix du concours Annecy / Youtube 2011

2nd price at Annecy/Youtube contest 2011 during Annecy festival.
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Created, designed and animated by award-winning illustrator Andrew Foerster (Rewfoe).

Foerster's original story was adapted into a rhyming ballad by Pazit Cahlon, and features the bluegrass-inspired sounds of Juno Award-winning banjoist and composer, Jayme Stone. The film was produced by Rewfoe and Together: Words and Pictures for Art & Culture, a Toronto-based content-creation
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"Rocky Road"
Two lizards accidentally cross paths and absurdity ensues.

my senior thesis at the Maryland Institute College of Art

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Perseus risks his life for the head of Medusa.

Animated by Nick DiLiberto

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"Tacky, Sticky and Glutinous"
Lost between his dreams and his frustrations, a man is the witness of his own insanity.
Graduation film, EMCA 2013

Animated by David Maingault

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Psycat es un gato con poderes psíquicos. Cuando unos gatos lo acusan de robar su territorio, todo se complicará en un caos de proporciones épicas.

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Realizado por Matías Latorre Bena
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My senior thesis film, completed after 2 years of work. It's strange to have it finally finished, but here it is! Enjoy!

Dave Volpe, who composed the opening and ending songs of this film, has just released a single of the song! It's called Dragon Lullaby, and it's available on iTunes and Amazon: -
This week in Cartoon Toonsdays Reviews, review of the little-known animated film Dragon Hunters.
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"Even after his mom forbids him from eating the jelly doughnuts for the 8th day of Hanukah, a young boy's imagination gets the better of him. Next thing he knows, Samurai Jew is off to liberate the delicious desert from the clutches of some non-kosher pigs."

A Short film for Chanukkah
The first chapter in the adventures of
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Solstice by Furyoso Studio
This minute-and-a-half fantasy western is a 2D animated passion project that two members of Furyoso crafted during free nights and weekends for the past 2-3 months.

They both split the work 50/50 from background painting to rough animation to clean up and everything between, however Ed did the music and compositing and Lynn headed up the design. As of right now, this s