Too Many Questions!: charlieissocoollike-too many questions||он на меня похож хДцветом глаз и волос,умением быстро говорить и огромным кол-м вопросов, Too Many

Too Many Questions!

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When Mike asks Bill Nye the Science Guy if asking too many questions is really a thing, Nye responds with a surprising answer.

Do you want to ask Bill a question for a future "Tuesdays with Bill?" Click here to learn how to submit: (


Frustration - Too many questions (ZWISCHENFALL/2009) - Маяк в Мире Музыки
Can you help @higeorgeshelley with what the future holds? (He'll be happy with "More Snapchat filters")
“When you watch too many @bretmanrock videos and start questioning your makeup abilities 😂😂😂 #stillgotitdoeeeee”
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