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Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina

Когда слушаешь приходит в голову всегда что-то тёплое и доброе )))
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Потрясающий австралийский гитарист!
Такую музыку можно посвящать любимой...
музыка о моем имени))
Beautiful melody by Tommy Emmanuel) Sorry, but I have some error) I hope you enjoy))

Tommy Emmanuel playing "Angelina" on KBS1(TV Channel in Korea) before his concert in Korea :)
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Tommy Emmanuel:
Thanks Ip-Myung, Jin! :) (video source webmaster)
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Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina
Cover by Takahiro Nakajima

Captain Taka

Guitar:Maton - EBG808 TE


トミー エマニュエル - アンジェリーナ
中島 孝弘

アコースティック ギター
メイトン ギター 
Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina
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Автор:Tommy Emmanuel
Название композиции: Angelina
Исполнитель: Максим Острянин

Видео на конкурс Sigma Guitars
Огромное спасибо Гене Магу ( ) за помощь в записи этого видео.
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Это одна из моих самых любимых песен самого, на мой взгляд, потрясающего гитариста Томми Эммануэля. Песня, которая когда-то полностью перевернула мое сознание... По сути, я каждый день готов репетировать только для того чтобы хоть на шаг еще приблизиться к этому ВЕЛИКОМУ гитаристу...
В видео впервые снимается будущая суперзвезда - наш кот с боевым именем Няша. Прошу любить и жаловать)))
Here is a video of Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel. Its the first song i have learned that is hybrid picking
Superschwer, auch wenn es nicht so aussieht :)


Angelina acoustic guitar cover, by Sander de Koning

William Thomas "Tommy" Emmanuel (born 31 May 1955) is an Australian guitarist, best known for his complex fingerpicking style, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. In the May 2008 and 2010 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, he was named as "Best Acoustic Guitarist" in their readers poll.
Played by Sergej Kirillov
по его словам, произведение - одна из многочисленных колыбельных, посвященных младшей дочери =)
Composed by Tommy Emmanuel
Cover by Orest Zhuk
guitar - Taylor 810 ce

подбирал с видео

In questo primo How To Play vedremo: intro – strofa 1 (A) – bridge (B) – strofa 2 (A2).
La primissima cosa da fare è accordare la chitarra nella cosiddetta "drop D tuning", e per farlo ci basterà "scordare" e abbassare di un tono la sesta corda (da Mi a Re). Dopodichè posizioneremo il capotasto sul secondo tasto.
Anche molti altri brani di Tommy Emmanuel utilizzano questo tipo di accordatura (The Hunt, I've always thought of you, Those who wait,
Here's another wonderful tune by Tommy Emmanuel: Angelina

Love this hybrid picking. When you listen carefully you can even hear the pick hitting the strings...

Worried about letting the videos become too boring. So here you see my "nerd-glasses" that I bought for last carnival :P

This time had a little help by my brother. Cutting the video etc.. :)



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It is the third up-loading.
I think that I can play it more smoothly than the time up-loaded last time.

Song:Tommy Emmanuel / Angelina
Guitar:Ovation 1778-KGC Elite(Electric Acoustic Guitar)
ギター:オベーション1778-KGC Elite

Beautiful melody by Tommy Emmanuel) Sorry, but I have some error) I hope you enjoy))

Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina (Live)

Томми Эммануэль родился в Австралии в 1956 году. Он начал играть на гитаре в 4 года самоучкой, не имея никакого специального музыкального образования. Томми так никогда и не получил академического музыкального образования, но несмотря на это он признан во всем мире, получил много серьезных наград. Он совершенно фантастически одной гитарой имитирует звук биг-бэнда, играя в совершенно разных музыкальных стилях и направлениях. В его музыке столько солнца, доброты, покоя и фантастичности...
Томми Эммануэль и его знаменитая композиция, посвященная дочери Анджелине. Фестиваль Мамакабо, Коктебель, сентябрь 2008.

This is a cover of an amazing piece of music by Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina.
With my Taylor 210e and my cat sleeping next to me :-)
hope you'll enjoy it..
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there are more to come :-)

Taylor 210-E
Audio Technica AT4050
M-Audio Fast Track Pro
EQ and reverb from Cubase
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I've enjoyed listening to this song ever since I've known fingerstyle. Tommy Emmanuel wrote this for her daughter named Angelina when she was born. I can feel the love! :D
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Tommy Emmanuel - человек, чье творчество заставляет меня снова и снова тянуться к гитаре.
Written for his second daughter, Angelina, this is a song that Tommy's plays the world over. It is featured on his album, The Endless Road.

To pur...
Tommy Emmanuel in Berlin - Jazz in Town Festival. 12.08.2007 :)

Tommy playing Angelina.
Уроки игры на гитаре
Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina / I've always thoutgh of you / Those who wait

Here is a cover of the beautiful "Angelina" written by the one and only Tommy Emmanuel. Many thanks to Tommy for inspiring so many people around the world with his music.

Tommy's signature piece "Angelina." I've been asked to do a tutorial on this song. It is very complex song and takes a lot of work to tackle it. It will take a lot of hard work to learn this song. If you start this project, then stick with it, this is so rewarding to play even after playing for it for a year.
You may listen to my full version cover of Angelina here:

Tommy Emmanuel

i used only a SM57

Me attempting to cover Tommy Emmanuel's Angelina on my electric guitar.

I used a regular pick and a capo on the 2nd fret. The reverb came from my keyboard.

Hope you like it.

(Got an acoustic guitar now so I will try to record an acoustic version in the future)

here are the chords for the chorus.
first time: 000232, 4x0225, 5x043x, x12020, x24432, x35533, 3x023x, 2x013x, x0203x
second time:000232, 4x0225, x24230, x13030

edit: sorry i dont have any tabs for this song but... The tab online is a good starting point but i figured it out by watching tommy play it about 1000 times on youtube haha (i used guitarsoul's video). The poin
Записано на гитаре Sigma 70-х годов
Done with '70s Sigma guitar

Tommy Emmanuel at Oslo Konserthus (Oslo Concert Hall) April 4th 2009. Watch the HD-version for best quality. Video by Sven David Hildebrandt

See photos here:
문화콘서트 난장에서
펼쳐진 토미의 공연.
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Tommy Emmanuel playing "Angelina"

Tommy Emmanuel:

Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina
I recorded this piece by using Cubase 4 via Boss GT-10B and the tuning for my piccolo bass was C# F# B E (4th to 1st string). Thanks for watching my video.

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Check out my other lesson on Those Who Wait by Tommy:

So what can you expect? We'll start with the basics of the song first and see how far we ca
Hi guys
finally I got it. One of the most wonderful and touching guitar pieces by Tommy Emmanuel - song called Angelina, written for his second daughter. Unlikely I had to struggle hard to play it right =)

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grande concerto del mitico tommy!

Live in S.M Decima - S. Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), 24-07-08.

Tommy Emmanuel plays "Angelina" in Katowice, Poland od 22.o5.2007. Tommy Emmanuel - Initiation Live performance at the Liederhalle Stuttgart on Thursday ...

Tommy Emmanuel - Initiation [live in Katowice. 22.o5.2oo7.

Tommy Emmanuel playing his song Angelina, live at Stazione Birra.

This is one of my FAVORITE songs that Tommy plays... in this video he tells us what he was thinking about when he wrote this
The song that really got me into learning and listening to music like this :-) One of my all-time favorite songs to listen to and play :-)
Cello Drive live in Zagarolo 13/02/2015

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The musical project Cello Drive is an expression of uniqueness and multiculturalism. It's a stage spectacle performed by Russian cellist and composer Georgy Gusev.

Impressive visual arts, breathtaking music and a little bit of ma
Tommy Emmanuel
EBS Space, Korea

Aired on Jan.26/10

1. Locomotivation
2. I Go To Rio
3. Windy & Warm
4. Classical gas
5. Guitar rag, Saturday night, 9 Ib hammer
6. Stay close to me
7. Angelina
8. Kentucky
9. Cowboy's dream
10. Tall fiddler
11. Questions
12. Amazing g

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Hi, this is my version of Tommy Emmanuels song "Angelina". Tommy published the song in 2005, when his second daughter Angelina was 5 or 6 years old.
I imagine that Tommy played the song for his daughter in the evenings.
First she listend, and then she began to sing about all the happy and sad stories from her day.

Thank you very much for listening. Please leave your comments, sub or vote, if you'd like.

And listen to my other Tommy Emmanuel songs:
Papa George (with Mama George)
I wondered what this song would sound like on piano and this is the result after some toying around with it :D
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Hello, this is my cover wonderfull composition Angelina. I played in standard tuning.