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Tom Odell - Another Love

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I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care
But it's so cold and I don't know where ...
Я хочу совершить такой поступок, чтобы ты поняла – мне не всё равно,
Но так холодно, и я не знаю ...
Just Deep Music
Музыка должна высекать огонь из души человека.
Music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love. (c) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.
Sorry about the sirens in the background but this hot weather meant I had to have the window open ^_^ Also there seems to be a fly having a party behind me
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I tried to show that love can be beautiful and cruel at the same time. Thumbs up if you enjoy it. I own nothing.
I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care
But it's so cold and I don't know where ...
Я хочу совершить такой поступок, чтобы ты поняла – мне не всё равно,
Но так холодно, и я не знаю ...
that moment when you fall deep with all your feeling into track(thesoundyouneed channel-youtube)

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Том разыскивает девушку, которую когда-то любил-её прежнюю личность, так сказать...
Встретив ее он убегает потому, что она не та, какой была когда-то. Он потерял её прежнюю и долго и безуспешно пытается найти...
В клипе так же можно увидеть других "потерянных" людей, например бездомного мужчину...
Как-то скомкано получается объяснить. Надеюсь, хоть что-то ясно. Но это тоже всего лишь одно скользкое деревянное мнение...
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*** New version recorded with vocals, check it out with the link below! ***

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Spent an hour or so learning this and it went okay so recorded a short version of this awesome tune :) Not perfect but whatever, enjoy! I do the original a dis-service so go check that out for a better idea of how it should sound!! Done by ear so no sheets, sorry!! :O

PM me any requests and if it's
The Voice 2016 │ Antoine - Another Love (Tom Odell) │ Blind Auditions
Save Bamon!! ♥
Perfect song choice, OMG... *_*

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Cara Delevingne by Jacqueline Harriet

I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care
But it's so cold and I don't know where
I brought you daffodils in a pretty string
But they won't flower like they did last spring

And I wanna kiss yo
I do not own the song or the lyrics.

Another Love by Tom Odell. This version is remixed by Zwette.
i quickly made a cover of this powerfull song that i discovered way too late. i hope you enjoy and if you do please like, subscribe or share. thank you :) you can leave me ideas for new videos in the comments! ^^
Премьера клипа британского исполнителя Тома Оделла на песню "Another Love". Сингл войдет в дебютный альбом Тома "Long Way Down", который выходит 24 июня.
(Short Film)
Премьера дебютного видео двадцатилетнего британца Тома Оделла. Релиз является титульным треком первого миниальбома юного блондина – Another Love EP, премьера которого уже состоялась.
Another cover. This time the song Another Love by Tom Odell. I learned the piano by ear, so it took me a while before I finished, but I did!
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Tom Odell performs a song from his album Long Way Down. More CONAN @

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The V...

An acoustic cover of Tom Odell's brilliant 'Another Love'


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Josiah Wilk
Piano cover of a great song by Tom Odell.
Learned by ear, so not 100% original :)
Now and then parts with more notes / less notes / other rhytms.
Enjoy !
A little bit different, but hope you like it! :)
Music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love. (C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
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No Copyright Infringement Intended. :)
Transcribed by Henry Newbury, See his cover at:
Премьера клипа британского исполнителя Тома Оделла на песню "Another Love". Сингл войдет в дебютный альбом Тома "Long Way Down", который выходит 24 июня.
Fantrailer of the movie '6 Years'

Music: Another Love by Tom Odell
long while no cover.
music video & EP coming soon!

« Another Love» by the British singer Tom Odell at Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid Station during his free live session ! #LottoVibes

B3SCI recently stopped by Elias Studios in Los Angeles to capture Tom Odell performing his track "Another Love" and an interview with KCRW DJ Jason Kramer.

Music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love. (C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
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Tom Odell:

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Offical music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love.
Video Ana ..

The Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, New York City
Choreography by Benoit-Swan Pouffer.
Dancers: Jason Kittelberger and Acacia Schachte

International Cultural Center, TPU. 21.09.2016
2013 Brit Critics Choice Award winner Tom Odell performs to his biggest audience yet as he makes his debut on The Voice UK to perform his new single Another Love
May 9, 2013 - Tom Odell with "Another Love" in the Bing Lounge at 101.9 KINK.FM. Presented by Intel.

Bing Lounge:
live at Imperial Club, Vancouver, BC, October 2016
Another Love Tom Odell cover by Taine Buchan. NEW VIDEO HERE!! Would love it if you could check it out thanks!! ►


Special Thanks to Hayden Booth for filming!
Mit seinem Song «Another Love» landete om Odell hierzulande weit oben Chartplatzierungen. Mit Knackeboul war er bereit, sogar eine Acapella-Beatbox-Version aufzunehmen.

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Tom Odell performing 'Another Love' at the Clyde 1 Live concert at SSE Hydro in Glasgow on 8th December 2015.

СПб, А2.Мир
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Hello :)
Hope you enjoy my cover of "another love

Acoustic cover version of 'Another Love' by Tom Odell, performed by FollowTheCat. At the end of the video is the draw of requested song that we will play next time :) You can still give us requests, just write a title of your favourite song below any of our video. Don't forget to subscribe us and share with your friends if you enjoy! :3
Full tabs are available 100% FREE below

Our cover -


The voice tour Elodie - Another love
Strasbourg le 25 juin 2014
Live at Hangout Fest 2014
Tom Odell performing "Another Love" at Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores Alabama on May 18, 2014
I do not own any copyrights to this song and it belongs to its rightful owners.
Haven't uploaded a cover in a while, and i absolutely love this song so here we go! Go and listen to Tom Odell's music it is just amazing. Please don't forget to subscribe or to like this video it really means a lot!

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Here is the website with the chords i used on it .. I used the capo on 8 :)
Another Love by Tom Odell piano lesson
50% speed version of this song here:
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Music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Tom Odell playing Another Love live at Studio Brussel (April 2nd 2013).
British singer-songwriter Tom Odell sat down at our piano to perform songs from US debut, Long Way Down, including our favorite "Another Love". The full session will air on Morning Becomes Eclectic on Thursday, May 23:

Meeting shooting star Tom Odell on stage in cologne, where he performed his hit single "Another Love" for Cardinal Sessions.

Check him out at:

18.06 - Tom Odell @ ГЛАВCLUB Москва

Электронные билеты на концерт -
//reposting from my old channel//

This is a video based around the Sherlock series (which I love!) on the BBC. I've been wanting to make a video for it for a while but lacked inspiration until I suddenly got some a while back and managed to finish this in around a week.

Lots of rendering problems meant the sound ended up being a tad off, but that was the best I could get ;u;

song: another love | tom odell
clips: sherlock
editing: maestrism//elizabeth winchester
It's me playing Another Love on guitar
Recording video by I phone 4

Thanks for watching :)

So this was recorded a while ago after I made the piano cover, not gonna have many uploads for a few months as off to the USA so try and enjoy / endure this until my glorious return :)

If I grow my hair and dye it blond and then get some hipster clothing maybe I could try passing for a British pop star..

I recorded a .midi file which basically can show you the notes I played on a program like Synthesia, can find them here:
Nach einem verrückten Video mit dem sympathischen Tom Odell am Zermatt Unplugged haben wir noch zusammen gejammt. Das ganze Interview gibts hier:
Tom Odell performing "Another Love" at Forest Live 2015, Sherwood Forest on 26/06/15

Hi! You can download this cover for freeee here:

Meow x
My take on Tom Odell's recent tune, another love. Please remember to rate comment and subscribe, thank you :)
Been listening to the brilliant Tom Odell for a while now. Then I saw him perform Another Love on the Brit Awards so obviously I had to cover it ;) Tell me what you think in the comments!

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The Voice 2015│Aubin - Another Love (Tom Odell)│Blind Audition
"I wanna cry and I wanna love but all my tears have been used up." - Tom Odell

MP3 @
From the album "Long Way Down" Available Now:

Music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love. (C) 2013 So...
Это моя версия песни Another Love, великолепный кусок написанный Томом Оделл из его альбома Long Way Down.
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Music: Tom Odell - Another Love....
Choreo : Viktoriya Sapunkova
Song: Tom Odell - Another Love

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Music video by Tom Odell performing Another Love. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Шоу "Голос" Франция 2014. - Элоди Мартеле с песней "Другая любовь". — The Voice" / "La Voix" France 2014 - Elodie Martele avec la chanson "Another love" (оригинал Tom Odell)

The Voice 2014 France. Elodie Martelet chante "Another Love" de Tom Odell !

Live in St.Petersburg, 17.06.2014
Tom Odell performing Another Love at the first concert of the No Bad Days Tour. First time performing since the announcement of his new album. It was amazing

by Unlimited Piano
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dancers "U'LyricA PRO"
dec 2013

old video but very sincere...