Titus Andronicus "In a Big City": Titus Andronicus - In A Big City [LYRICS VIDEO], Titus Andronicus - In A Big City, Titus Andronicus "In a Big

Titus Andronicus "In a Big City"

The first single from Titus Andronicus' "Local Business," coming October 22nd from XL Recordings.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Titus Andronicus nor XL Recordings claim ownership of any of the images used in this video.

Behind the Scenes - http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8543159/on-set-titus-andronicus-new-video-big-city Director: Isaac Ravishankara Producer: Sydney Buchan Production Co.: Doomsday Ent. Exec. Producer: Danielle Hinde Editor: Isaac Ravishankara DP: Kevin Hayden AD: Bob Guile Thank you: Jill Kaplan and Matthew Kaplan<br/><br/>
Official music video for &quot;In a Big City,&quot; the debut single off Titus Andronicus' third album, &quot;Local Business&quot; directed by Isaac Ravishankara.

Buy The New Titus Andronicus Record: http://bit.ly/P6d57K
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