Timelapse Digital Painting - "Bayonets and ideas": Timelapse Digital Painting - Bayonets and ideas, Timelapse Digital Painting - "Bayonets and ideas" ,

Timelapse Digital Painting - "Bayonets and ideas"

Done in 9~10 hours. Done mostly with a brush shaped after a bush xD I forgot to record a small part of the sketching, so it kinda skips, but no big deal. As for the music, I usually resort to Muse when I cannot find other music. They do the job quite well!

Thanks for 300.000+ views! :D

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I get the same questions A LOT, so here's a small FAQ :)
- Program? I use Photoshop CS5.
- Tablet? I use Wacom Bamboo tablet.
- Art class? Self taught!
- Layers?