Tiarra: TIARRA Pain Knows Our Names - Official Music Video 2015, Tiarra - Pain Knows Our Names (2015), Tiarra _ Pain Knows Our Names _ (2015 Romania), TIARRA


Румынская gothic metal команда .
Tiarra - House of Tears (2015 HD)
Tiarra live@Karlzplatz Viena 15may2007<br/><br/>
суппер голосок.....
Tiarra - Epilogue (Post Scriptum 2008)

Clear is your mind, clear as a river
Clear is your mind as a mirror or a teardrop
Only inside you're like a storm
That never ends
You don't know what brings you
The end of the game

Nothing seems the same
When you reach your face
Nothing seems the same
When you listen to the sound of rain
Nothing seems the same
When you reach your face
Nothing seems the same
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Kandy Blue Camaro ZL1 on 24" Forgiato GTR with Tiarra Grill | Swift CC Miami

Трек, который нельзя добавить вк
Picture Me Rolling TV stopped by to check out one of Triple D Boyz new upgrades! Stay tuned.
Tiarra live@Karlzplatz Viena 15may2007

formatia Tiarra cu melodia Ielele imagini cu podul suspendat si castelul fermecat din parcul nicolae romanescu, craiova
Gothic Metal, Румыния
TIARRA – Pain Knows Our Names - Official Music Video taken from Album “X”, 2015
Video directed and edited by Filip Brunet / FatLip Prod. (Defunct & Negative CORE Project)
Tiarra- Swan Song, live @ Zona Zero, TVR1.

"As far as the wind is travelling
A thousand leaves a thousand memories are dying,
As cold as the snow is falling
A thousand tears in my eyes are freezing...

As slow as the sun is fading away
I fall asleep with hope for another day,
For another day,
To think of you...

Let the sun set its last
Let the memories of the world itself turn into dust
When all we'll be just echoes from the past
Like silent notes played by for
Album: POST SCRIPTUM | Year: 2008
Country: ROMANIA


Artist: Tiarra
Track: Everything for her
Album: Drama Per Musica
Year: 2005

Tiarra is a Romanian doom/gothic metal band hailing from Bucharest. The band was formed in 2004. Tiarra have so far released one demo - Drama Per Musica in 2005 and one album - Post Scriptum in 2008.


Walking down the road
He knows, he knows
That she's in love with him
For so long.