Thinkbox 'Harvey & Rabbit': Harvey and Rabbit TV ad by Thinkbox, Настоящая дружба (Harvey and Rabbit TV ad by Thinkbox), Harvey and Rabbit (Thinkbox), Thinkbox

Thinkbox 'Harvey & Rabbit'

Лучшие друзья :)
Ad Agency : Red Brick Road

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While Harvey is out of the kitchen his owner reckons he might take this opportunity to get rid of that rancid old rabbit.... But then the power of TV advertising makes him change his mind. Well that, the awesome soundtrack and those eyes.

The soundtrack to the ad -- 'Friends' -- is by writer/performer Adam Buxton, with composition by Nick Webb.
Andrew MacGillivray, Thinkbox's Marketing Director: "Our TV ads have been loved by the public but have also proved to be our most effective B2B communicati
Cute and funny advert made by Thinkbox