The year puts on: The Archive of Shade on Instagram: “"I have more years put together than these two" 😎 #naomicampbell #theface”, Dana White on Instagram:

The year puts on

“"I have more years put together than these two" 😎
#naomicampbell #theface”
-Я хочу тебя,потому что яяя хочу тебя!
-Натали,я хочу показать все лучшее в тебе.
-Мне кажется,тебе будет гораздо веселее в моей команде.Да,это правда.
-У меня однозначно больше опыта,чем у этих двух.
“There have been so many crazy moments in the @UFC over the years so figured I would start sharing them with u. Everyday I will put out my Clip of the Day.…”
“First #aerialnet training this year. Put on the #Zarkana soundtrack and transitions just started happening. Hehe I love this song! #aerialist…”
“Wash, rinse and repeat. So looking forward to putting this beast up against the @redbullgrc competition this year! @rockstarenergy / @vw / @napaknowhow…”
“Part of the 'Guardian' demo. I'll put the actual song out early next year with a SICK video by @grant_singer. MORE TO COME!💘”
“Happy almost new year!! All the new #lexlos gear came in yesterday and lex and I are getting things ready to put on the site and out to you guys ASAP!!…”
Does this 30-year old Saudi Prince represent the entire economic and political interests of the Saudi Government? The more he talks, it illustrates the lack of diplomatic seasoning represented by his elders on the world stage.
Cody Carter combines dance, baton twirling and juggling for a happy performance. See 14-year-old win over the judges.
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