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The xx - Basic Space

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Завораживающий, нежно-холодноватый инди смешаный с пост-панком.

Биография группы The XX не намного длиннее их названия: в составе коллектива – четверо 19-летних музыкантов, проживающих в юго-западной части Лондона. В апреле 2009 года ограниченным тиражом был выпущен их дебютный сингл «Crystalised».

Эти мальчик и девочка знают друг друга с 2-х лет и вместе учились разговаривать)

Directed: Anthony Dickenson
Энтони Дикенсон был номенирован UK Music Video Awards 09
симпатично дополняет кашу в моей голове
Directed: Anthony Dickenson
Энтони Дикенсон был номенирован UK Music Video Awards 09 на звание Лучшего нового режиссера (Best New Director)

по ссылке найдете подборку его видео. хорошую, кстати, подборку
мне нравится. очень
the xx bring the heat to Brooklyn's Monkeytown with this live rendition of "Basic Space". Captured 08/10/09. If you still haven't purchased your copy of their fantastic debut you can pick it up at any of these links:



Nick just waits to fly
Easy to take
You could take me in for us
Make me a deal, A day apiece
Take it off, just stay a week

I'll take you in pieces
We can take it all apart
I've softened shipwrecks
Right from the start
I've been underwater
Breathin' out and in
I think I'm losin'
Where you end and I begin

Basic space openin?
Don't look away when there's nothin'there

I'm setting us in stone
Piece by piece before I'm alone
Airtight before we break
Keep it in, keep us safe

This pool of boiling wax
I'm giving in that is sick
Got to fill this in, gotta just?
Why don't we learn how to keep what I have

Basic space open it
Don't look away when there's nothin'there

Hot wax has left me with a sign
Wouldn't know if I've been left behind
Second skin, second skin

I can let it out, I still let you in
I can let it out, I still let you in
Ну вот вроде самое модное)))))
the xx basic space (pariah remix)
Жить своей жизнью (Жан-Люк Годар, 1962)
кадры из картины "Жить своей жизнью" жана-люка годара
Вы, идущие мимо меня,
К не моим и сомнительным чарам

кадры из картины "Жить своей жизнью" Жана-Люка Годара
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The XX
Basic Space (Young Turks)
Prod co: Pulse Films
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Producer: Neil Andrews
DoP: Anthony Dickenson
Editor: Anthony Dickenson
Representation: OB Management
Telecine: Time Based Arts
VFX Post producer: Mike Skgratic
Commissioner: Phil Lee
Live at Eurosonic 2010 (14-16 January)


Heart Skipped A Beat
Basic Space
Night Time
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My first attempt at creating a video. A beautiful song matched by an equally beautiful scene from Godard's "Vivre Sa Vie". You can find the track at Gorilla vs Bear; the xx have a full length coming out on Young Turks on August 17th, which you can pre-order now from Rough Trade. They also have the "Basic Space" single available for preorder (release date Sept. 3rd), which features pariah's remix.

Thanks to those I got the Godard clips from, and many many thanks to the xx and pariah for making s
The xx perform on It's On With Alexa Chung on MTV

Instrumental remake of the song Basic space.
I do not own the rights of the song

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The XX - Basic Space AFAS Live Amsterdam 13.02.2017
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'Basic Space' by The xx
Directed by Anthony Dickenson

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