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The xx - Angels

As in love with you as I am
As in love with you as I am
As in love, love, love
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Original songs : TLC - No Scrubs, and The XX - Angels, with lines of the movie Psycho, from Alfred Hitchcock at the beginning


[Spoken: (Excerpt from Psycho)]
[Norman:] I run the office and tend the cabins and grounds and do the errands for my mother. The ones she allows I might be capable of doing.
[Marion:] And do you go out with friends?
[Norman:] Well a boy's best friend is his mother.
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♪♫ TLC vs The XX
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The xx - "Angels" (Official Audio)
“Fiction” from The xx’s album 'Coexist.'
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And with words unspoken
A silent devotion
I know you know what I mean
And the end is unknown
But I think i'm ready
As long as you're with me

Photography by Davy Evans.

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A collaboration by Lewis May Ziggy
Download this remix FREE -<br>Preorder the new album Coexist:<br><br><br><br>Original video -<br><br>Angels is taken from The xx's new album Coexist which will be released by Young Turks on September 10th / 11th (US).<br><br>The xx - Angels
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The xx performs live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 25, 2012
The xx performs "Angels" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 25, 2012

Host: Cheryl Waters
Audio Engineer: Jackson Long
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett Scott Holpainen
Editing: Scott Holpainen



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Mercury Prize-winning band, The xx, return to Studio Q to perform "Angels", the first single from their upcoming sophomore record, "Coexist" in Studio Q.

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hello!! this is somewhat of an old video I recorded while my house was getting ready to undergo construction and I was thoroughly enjoying the echo. I am absolutely in love with this song, its so beautiful. I hope you enjoy :) feedback is greatly appreciated (I know I messed up in a few places, please ignore)
Hey again, it's Fluidified here and this is the first future garage tune on this channel :) I happened to found it on Illhorse's channel a while ag...
by PS1X03
The final song Angels by The xx at Colours of Ostrava festival 2013.
21. 07. 2013, 01:02 am

The whole show was really amazing. An audience just listened to the songs in harmony and after every single one just applaused. The last song was performed wonderfuly. Pleasy enjoy the video and support The Xx. They are great people and musicians! :)

I can't get over how clean this is.. :)

The XX - Angels (Houcemate Remix)


Artwork - Jeffrey Smith:


Kseniya Ternavskaya

Camera Work:
Dima Flipov

Art City Dance Camp

Art City Studio
Вечер Inache Соцфака СПбГУ
music: The XX - Angels
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The XX - Angels (Live)
The XX

Theatre of Delays

Join us

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Watch The xx perform Angels live at the Eden Project, Cornwall, in 2013.

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This is certainly something worth listening to, I'm really getting into my chillstep as I'm sure you guys can see from the recent uploads. I would like to know what would you guys like to see in terms of genre next up on the channel?

- MrRevillz

Amazing stuff!

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Quote - "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over." - Anonymous
Picture -
Video shot at Body Pole, NYC by Kyle Mcbeth. Editing by Lian Tal.
*** BASTILLE feat. Ella - No Angels (The xx vs TLC) ***
*** BASTILLE feat. Ella - No Angels (The xx vs TLC) ***
*** BASTILLE feat. Ella - No Angels (The xx vs TLC) ***
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The xx perform Angels on Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Two (25th Sep 2012).

Live @ Crocus City Hall, Moscow, 23/07/2013
Artist reserves all rights. No copyright infringement intended

Leusin (vocal)
Pavel Druzhkov (bass)
Alfred Genger (guitar)
My piano cover of Angels by The xx. I worked out the song by ear so I hope it sounds okay.

Be sure to download Coexist - it is incredible!

Free download from Big Wig artist Deejay Theory (USA)

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An excellent remix that retains the atmosphere of the original but puts a lovely little spin on it.

Will update with links in a bit. Need to go food shopping.

Other piano covers here:



Hi Guys! :D This is my new cover! I chose Angels - The xx :D
I hope you like it ;)
Harvestate - Harvesting Love

Brilliant remix of Angels by this kid Hucci!

✖ Hucci:
HU₵₵I (who-chee)
One of the most amazing remixes I've ever heard. Period.
It is truly an honor for me to upload this. I was in shock when I couldn't find it on youtube.

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Music used only for inspiration
The Xx - Angels
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Put it HD.
Model: Marina Petlay & Polina D.
Video: Said Energize @ Vimeo.

Rework made by me,

The xx perform Angels at Glastonbury 2013

For more exclusive videos and photos from Glastonbury 2013, check out

Formado em 2005, o The xx lançou um impressionante disco de estreia em 2009, repleto de melodias taciturnas, delicadas, quase silenciosas. O segundo disco, "Coexist", de 2012, veio em um momento em que o trio formado por Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim e Jamie Smith já estava se apresentando nos maiores festivais do mundo. Neste ano, além de uma faixa inédita para a trilha do filme The Great Gatsby, criaram um festival próprio, o "Night+Day", que passou por Berlim, Lisboa e Londres, com curadoria exclusiva da
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Light reflects from your shadow
It is more than I thought could exist
You move through the room
Like breathing was easy
If someone believed me
short version:

Inst: prrrrrrincess
Inst: eternity_of_fire
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Concert de the XX au zénith de Paris le 14 février 2017
TALIA FAVIA — Contemporary Jazz 30-31 марта, Москва 2013 @ Project818
SELECT — Игорь IT, Карина Петрова, Валерий Волков | |
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I love this song and couldn't help but to cover it. So here it is. I learnt this yesterday so it is still a bit sketchy but I hope you enjoy it :)
Absolutely in love with this amazing song from Bastille. One of the best songs i have heard in a long time with the beautiful vocals and matching samples from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960's horror 'Psycho'. Enjoy the music! :D

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Angels is taken from The xx's new album Coexist, out now on Young Turks.

Photography by Davy Evans.
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Bootleg Remix by Jelacee of 'Angels' by The XX. (No copyright infringement intended. For personal use only).

The XX - Angels:


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Its been a while since ive remixed anything, so what better way to come back then to remix a track from one of my favourite bands 'The XX'. 'Angels' Is their new track off of their upcoming album 'Coexist'. This remix is

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Pia Mia (16 years old) covers Angels by The XX.

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Bubblegum Boy (with Bella Thorne)
The Last Man on Earth

Twitter: princesspiamia
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Title: Angels (Sango Remix) Artist: The XX
концерт в крокус сити холле
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Bastille - NO ANGELS ft. Ella (The XX Vs. TLC)
Istanbul by Train
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one shot lo-fi video
cover version of the amazing band's song
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The XX - Angels (Dakota ReWork)
Kseniya Ternavskaya

Kseniya Ternavskaya -
Maria Skakun -
Ira Green -
Inga Berry -
Nastya Ginger -

Camera Work:
Dima Flipov

Art City Dance Camp

Art City Studio
The XX - Angels (Bodhi Remix)
Кусок монтажа
The XX - Angels.Ruslan Zhoronko.Dance centre NEBO
Hip Hop Dance Centre Nebo. Kiev, Ukraine.
Choreography by Ruslan Zhoronko(Руслан Жоронько)

Расписание Руслана:
Watch The xx perform Angels from the Main Stage live from Bestival 2012
Find their new album on iTunes here:
Stage Dance Academy,
Moscow, Russia, Perevedenovsky per.18
8 (903) 518-65-53
This was a request! Hope you like =]
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Talant Center | DDC | DanDanceComplex
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Requiem - Future Generation Of EDM

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стоял в первом ряду, но сбоку. качество так себе, но терпимо.
про то, как один перс влюбился в другого.
никаких соплей по поводу безответной любви не развозим :)
Москва, 23.07.13
✈ B.Traits spinning my rmx of Angels on BBC Radio 1 last night

неожиданно появившиеся люди испортили концовку)
приношу свои извинения за качество