The worlds funniest commercial: The worlds funniest commercial (series), The world funniest commercial, The World's Funniest Beer commercial, The worlds

The worlds funniest commercial

The worlds funniest commercial
A male ballet student pulls off the ultimate scam!-ArgEntina 2004
The FUNNIEST Commercial in the World!!! This amazing clip tells you the perfect way to stop an argument.

the funniest tv commercial/ad in the world
the worlds funniest commercials
just the funniest beer commercial in the world ;)

But still DUTCH HEINEKEN beats budlight .... :P

Ryan Klesko and Kevens, we shot this one in West Palm beach Florida.
The World's Biggest Asshole is a Great Commercial with an unexpected Twist. A definite Must See...

Agency: The Martin Agency
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Copywriter: Wade Alger
Copywriter: David Vogeleer
Copywriter: Brig White
Copywriter: Miranda Morgan
Designer: Will Godwin
Senior Digital Producer: Jill McGrath
Broadcast Producer: Steve Humble
Managing Director, Account Management: Chris Mumford
Account Director: Audyn O'Rourke
Account Executive: Cori Kaylor
Account Executive: Carter Cre