The eternal battle.: The eternal battle GMV-Mix, Зенит-Спартак. The eternal battle., Original Composition: "The Eternal Eradicator / Battle Versus Elisabetta",

The eternal battle.

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Зенит Спартак. 29.05.11
EDIT: Since I did a short description for Charles, I decided to do one for Elisabetta.

The beautiful artwork you see in the video was created by tahra of DeviantART! I highly recommend watching this video in 1080p. That way, you can see just how beautiful the artwork really is. By the way, check out his DeviantART profile and his website!

Also, here's a link to the artwork that I used:
To be hon
The battle is about to begin.

1 day until #EternalThrone:
A dark ritual of immense consequence has begun within the Brimstone Peninsula in Aqshy. A fiery Realmgate is being awoken to allow reinforcements for Korghus Khul to enter but can he succeed in its completion. Vandus Hammerhand made aware of this dark ritual mobilizes his most trusted Stormcasts and strikes at the heart of this dark deed but can he stop it or is it too late?, join us on another action packed adventure in the Realm of Fire to find out.

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Song - The Battle of Eternal Storm
Artist - Lux Divina
Genre - Black Metal
Year - 2001
Album - Occasus Caeremonia
Label - Noctiflorous Productions Music

Great black metal song from a great band. Enjoy!

All credit goes to Lux Divina.
It is World War II in German-occupied Romania. Nazi soldiers have been sent to garrison a mysterious fortress, but a nightmarish discovery is soon made. The Keep was not built to keep anything out. The massive structure was, in fact built to keep something in...
Are you ready to join the fight?

4 days until #EternalThrone:
The Eternal Zero (original Japanese title - Eien no Zero) is a 2013 Japanese war drama film directed by Takashi Yamazaki based on a novel by Naoki Hyakuta.
Generation Kill
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Diablo theme from the upcoming Heroes of the Storm expansion: The Eternal Conflict. All credit goes to Blizzard Entertainment.

Begin playing now at

The Eternal Conflict expansion goes live the 30th of June.

Artwork by Blizzard Entertainment was found by Robbie984 @
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Battle Of The Year Thailand 2014
The Ultimate Street Festival on Earth
Parc Paragon, 23/08/2014

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Song: Legend - Welcome to deadvile.
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