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The Ventures - Wipe Out

The Ventures Live Wipe Out.
Так играли рок-н-ролл пол-века назад.
Вот ТАК надо!! жиррр
а это оригинал
Мэл Тейлор помноженный на Макса Вайнберга - это ураган!!!!!!!!!!
Через несколько лет.
The Ventures Live — Wipe Out
The Ventures Live: Wipe Out
๑۩۩๑ The Ventures - Wipe Out ๑۩۩๑
Wipe Out
Guest / Max Weinberg
wipe out by the Ventures and Pink floyd money being played at a highschool show by My little brother, his friend, a sexy sailor and aging marlon brando. It was their first show and they totally beasted it.

music starts at 1:35 didnt feel like editing..too much work
Nokie Edwards and Don Wilson of The Ventures at the Meeker Days festival in Puyallup, WA, June 21, 2009, performing their hits "Wipe Out" and "Hawaii 5-0", backed by J.C. McCormick on bass and Chris Meadors on drums.
Концерт группы «Ракеты из России» в рамках Rock'n'roll radio allnighter, клуб «Plan B», 1 июня 2012 года.

The Ventures - Wipe Out
30 Years of Rock-N-Roll Music Special
An Aleks Rosenberg / John Franker Production

Stunning live version of Surfaris classic with some spectacular drumming by the late great Mel Taylor!! in High-Definition 1240x720
Да, у нас плавает темп, но это же Surf! (c)