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The Suzan - Home

The Suzan are a boundlessly energetic all-girl band from Japan, and director Pomp&Clout perfectly captures their colorful, kinectic approach to music with his kaleidoscopic video for "Home." Be sure to check the free, interactive iPhone / iPad app version, allowing users to play with the kaleidoscope speed, position, angle and more themselves, while the Suzan knock out their xylophone riffs, surf guitar, and tom tom grooves. It's sweetly funky
Directed by PompClout
Download the iPhone/iPad app:

Label: Fool's Gold Records
Assistant Director: Jason Demetillo
Production Assistants: Josh Aas and Greg Vegas

Shot and edited in Brooklyn.
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The Suzan "Home" acoustic live for Virgin Mobile Live with Abbey Bradenm, in NYC.
Broadcasted on Aug 30th, 2010.
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