The Submarines - Fire: The Submarines — “Fire„, aLAbamers - Light my fire/Yellow Submarine (The Doors tribute) 07/07/2016

The Submarines - Fire

There's something that seems so insanely easy about what The Submarines do. Listening to the neat and tidy bits of indie pop the husband and wife duo crank out, it's possible to imagine John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard's songs spawning from the most casual inspirations; a spontaneous, melodic passage whistled over morning coffee perhaps, or a simple sentiment scribbled on a napkin. As the morning ticks along, the idea gets pollinated just a bit more, and by lunch time, the tastiest of pop nuggets has bloome
The Moscow Doors tribute band aLAbamers pays respect to the Ringo Starr's birthday and performs unique version of Light My Fire with some exerpts from Beatles' songs. Thanks to all the audience for support!