The Star Dreamer: 51. Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, the Stars, and the Waves - Yasunori Mitsuda, Armin van Buuren pres. Perpetuous Dreamer The Sound of Goodbye

The Star Dreamer

PC Playground Productions 2000
written and produced by Armin van Buuren Adrian Broekhuyse and Raz Nitzan
Published by Armania Pub Knight of The Sound Table NL and Razmataz Songs NL
Vocals Elles de Graaf

Участвуют: Жанна Клушанцева (дочь), Павел Клушанцев, Роберт Скотак, Дуайт Эйзенха...
документальный фильм о великом русском режиссёре Павле Клушанцеве. Дания, 2002 год
Genre : Epic music
Composer : John Dreamer
Title : End of My Journey
Youtube channel :

Cinematic : Star Wars: Knights of The Fallen Empire

Written and directed by film-makers Mads Baastrup from Denmark and Sonja Vesterholt from Estonia, this unique documentary tells the story of the visionary Russian film maker and author Pavel Klushantsev (1910-1999). Though virtually unknown in the English speaking world, the techniques of film making he developed to depict space, weightlessness and spaceship flight were years ahead of anything produced in the west.

моя первая режиссерская работа
Filmed and edited by The Firetree.