The Sri Lanka Episode: Sri Lanka. Kandy Temple of the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. Adventures of Captain Vrungel. Season 2, Episode 8., Destination Unknown The

The Sri Lanka Episode

Already in spring 2012, the North Kiteboarding Freestyle-Team headed to the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka, located south-east of India for the annual Vegas Shoot! Along with Tom Hebert, Thomas Paris, Mario Rodwald and Tom Court came the brand new Vegas, the all new Trust Bar and of course the Twintip range! Sri Lanka is a dedicated place to kite, endless lagoons up in the North deliver kilometers of flat water and nice, steady winds. After 10 days of riding and blessed with every day wind, we decided to dis
To find the real Sri Lanka, all you have to do is travel on the back roads. My driver Bandar took me to see his home town.It turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip to Sri Lanka. This was a true Destination Unknown.
"This five-part series explores the world's most fascinating landscapes with hot-air balloons. Emotional human encounters, exotic cultural experiences and thrilling adventures in the wild are the ingredients for a dynamic, exciting and entertaining series about the extraordinary life of ballooning enthusiasts and their quest for the "Great Picture".

Our balloon trip to Sri Lanka is a journey through an exceptionally beautiful country in the Indian Ocean. Rich cultures, ancient temples, exotic landscapes,
The Hill country of Sri lanka is green and luch. with an emerald carpet of tea plantations.