The Scratch: the Chemodan clan- О Чем Ты Думал (dj chinmachine scratch) [Реальный Рэпчик ©], the сhemodan - о чем ты думал (dj chinmachine scratch), the

The Scratch

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Shorty and Kodi's "dad" shows you 4 simple tips to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture. If you have any other tips or questions, post below. And please share this video! Music is Imagine Magneta by Dan O'Connor,
Изумительный фильм о величайшем регги продюсере, исполнителе и растамане
Фильм-биография Ли «Скрэтч» Перри - одного из ярчайших ямайских музыкантов, благодаря которому был развит стиль даб.
«Вы сможете проследить рождение и развитие музыки регги глазами Ли» – Адам Бала Лоф, режиссер фильма.

«Этот фильм – правда, и это мой фильм!» – Ли Перри.

«Изумительный фильм о величайшем регги продюсере, исполнителе и растамане» – High Times.
Видео-скетч об обычном будничном дне Vinyl Scratch. На серьезность и достоверность не претендует =) Сценарий и образ Tomo, съемка и монтаж KrisM. Музыка: KeepOnRockin' - Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch by Kerpaderpin Browni Omnipony - Chrome Saddle - Tribute to Vinyl Scratch by OfficialOmnivore
Видео-скетч об обычном будничном дне Vinyl Scratch. На серьезность и достоверность не претендует =)
Сценарий и образ Tomo, съемка и монтаж KrisM.

KeepOnRockin' - Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch by Kerpaderpin Browni
Omnipony - Chrome Saddle - Tribute to Vinyl Scratch by OfficialOmnivore
The Argument (Mov. I) -
On Bandcamp -

The story:
So there was an argument. Some result in compromise, understanding and renewed affections. Some however, end in heartbreak. Things don't look so good for our two mares and in the wake of the argument, Tavi decides she's had enough. She's moving out. Packing her bags with feigned gaiety to jaunty counterpoint, she makes for the door, explai
Настоящий клип уникальной песни с Ли Перри, записанный в летних горах Швейцарии! В ней "Скрэтч" стоит на голове, учить коров летать, играет на гитаре и говорит по-французски. И несмотря на то, что клип снят, будто Перри уже умер, он выглядит сильным, здоровым и полным сил, что, несомненно, должно радовать всех его фанатов.
The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry - Golden Clouds (Official Video)
c 0:55 самые класные скрэтчи, а потом дольше просто битбокса
Equestria Girls 2 : Rainbow Rocks – Music To My Ears
Everybody talks about the weather! Learn how to do it in Spanish. Enjoy!

Want more?

Check out my profile on Italki. I have been teaching Spanish to students all over the world and at all levels and ages. I have completed more than 1.500 lessons so far betweeen 2012-2014 and I keep counting! Check out what my students have to say about me too.

My profile on Italki:

I have been fortunate to work as an Online and Private Tutor of Spanish Language f
In honor of the new release I decided to put this Scratch Break together.

Hope You guys Enjoy!
DJ Suga Ray gives the a how-to lesson for the Joe Cooley Scratch at Scratch DJ Academy

Practice your Place Prepositions with a fun song and a very happy piece of cheese! Great for teaching primary classes and ESL students!

Primary Teaching Points: prepositions, preposition words, location prepositions, place prepositions

This video is part of our new 30-minute compilation:

Related Videos:
The More Prepositions Song ♫♪♫ -

Our first album is available now:

Scratch Map je skvělý dárek pro všechny cestovatele, pomocí kterého si každý označí, ve které zemi už byl. Stačí seškrábat horní vrstvu, která mapu pokrývá. V prodeji v Paláci knih Luxor v Praze.
First scratch is on Plasti dip glossifier, the next scratch is on Halo EFX, and the third scratch was on Raail which didn't leave a single mark!

DOWNLOAD: Unavailable at the moment -- sorry!

I uploaded this V-Scratch Session to my soundcloud, and asked if people thought it was good enough to upload here at YouTube. A lot of people responded positively and thought it was, so here you go! I present a new track in the V-Scratch Sessions, titled "Unforgiving". I'm enjoying this sort of electronic music more and more, so I hope you guys don't mind it so much ;)

More updates are coming soon -- including collab information, and more info on t

Download MP3:
Download WAV:

More at
Twitter: @UCI_Track
Официальная и самая информативная страница сериала -

[ Track Details ]

Title - Tip of the Iceberg ( Original Mix )
Artist / Composer - Vinyl Scratch aka DJ Pon3
Beats-per-minute [BPM] - 128
Bit rate - 320 kbps
Length - 05:37
Genre - Progressive PsyTrance
Official Release date - December 12th / 2012
Jam Attack with my Brother Mart-One
Винильный Придурок и Профессор Ватсон распечатывают альбом от Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters - Super Ape на передаче Vinyl Me, Please.

Как сделать коктейль "Super Ape", смотрите здесь:

Первые впечатления Винильного Придурка и Профессора Ватсона об альбоме

Купить предложенный вариант пластинки:
Scratch The Floor - Reject [Official Music Video]

Reject taken from "Scratch The Floor"



Video credits: Yugo Morris,William Hemblton
Artist : The Robot Dentist & Big Sandz
Song : 1950
Genre : Dubstep

♫ Download :


★ The Robot Dentist
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★ Big Sandz
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★ Image :

● Source: Work
Practice your lefts and your rights. Which one is right, and which one is wrong! Sing and follow along!

Primary Teaching Points: Left and Right!

Secondary Teaching Points: Patterns practice, including:
- Left Right Left Right x 2 (ABAB)
- Left Left Right Right x 2 (AABB)
- Left Left Right Left x 4 (AABA)

Our first album is available now:

A quick multi-track composition with cheap charity shop (thrift store) vinyl and my Vestax Controller One turntable...

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Instagram & Twitter: @djwoodymusic

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Минус Bunt prod
Videoproduction Anton Kuznetsov
Everything you ever wanted to know about the durability of Huawei's Nexus 6p can be found in this video...

Download Now -- just for $1! --

Applejack knows bucks, and she says that's the most bang for one buck you'll ever get... although, she tends to prefer bluegrass to this electronic stuff.


Two worlds as different as day and nightclubs collide with this epic V-Scratch Sessions remix. This time around, the beatmistress DJ PON-3 spent hours remixxing the beautiful music of the beautiful Octavia. Together, they have
Пика АОКИ в itunes:

Летучая Обезьяна prod.

made in Gex

Место Проведения Сьемок:Cтудия IDBOOKS

Пика АОКИ в itunes:

Запись Сведение Мастеринг "TheNek" Студия звукозаписи

Cypher Sounds Ростов-на-Дону

Пика Группа ВК
Practice those Patterns with a singing mushroom and the merry mini robots!

It is important to be able to identify patterns when teaching or learning about math... and life!

Our first album is available now:


Download MP3:
Download WAV:

So, a lot of people wanted more bass in the mix, so I decided to remix this song and pull back on the wubs while bringing forth the sub bass in the drops. So I hope you guys like this new version even better than my previous one! I didn't delete
The Game - Start from scratch Remake
New track with my friends Jolnz (From Central Park) and Dakanto!
Turn it up!
Lyrics By Jolnz (Central Park)
Music and art design By L26beatz
Scratch By Dakanto

Немного уличного SCRATCHING'а)
Episode #005.

-Full mix:


You will never know where the idea for scratching came from, if you don't watch this video even once!
For more info visit:

Baby Scratch Tutorial by DJ Short-e.

This week, Short-e teaches you how to do the Baby scratch. Do not be fooled by the name, it is the easiest scratch to learn and the hardest to master. Mastering the baby scratch will lay a strong foundation for the other scratches coming up in the future especially the chirp.

Beat # 8546 used in this clip is available here:
SCRATCHING THE SURFACE Featuring - Beastman, Max Berry, Numskull, Phibs Roach June 2010 - Sydney, Australia Shot on location at Westsyde Connection and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Video - Matt Fezz Glenn Stewart Music - "Scout" by Sailmaker Presented by

Фильмы про художников, иллюстраторов, дизайнеров, фотографов.
Another daft way to cheat on tears.
New Album Lee Perry & Pura Vida OUT NOW on Itunes, amazon...
Digital release: 27 11 2015
Vinyl: 31 12 2015

Teaser Track
Feeling so dub feat. Ernest Ranglin
22:30 Z-Trip - Electro Scratch, Shepard Fairey - Obey
DJ Davey Dave shows you some roll scratching techniques.
28 May 2014

Pioneer DDJ T- 1
Traktor Scratch pro 2
[club76039148|«Quasar»] – Всё самое интересное тут!
Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME

A film by Gazprom Written and Directed by: Will Penny Filmed and Produced by: Babylon Freefly S.L. Assosciate producer: Cilantro! Films Executive Producers: Artem Dmitriev, Constantine Makarenko Editor: Juanjo Onofre Filmed using Red One (Underwater), Red Epic, Red Scarlet<br/><br/>
Winter saps the skin of moisture, leaving it dry. Check for yourself by taking the Scratch Test.

Vaseline Intensive Care, enriched with micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly, helps heal dry skin, leaving it feeling healthy, smooth and soft.

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Emma Short-E from School of Scratch breaks down her "Scratch Combo of the Month" for May. Post a video of yourself performing it with hashtag #DJcitySoS and we might share it.

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School of Scratch:
Черновик к ролику Healtrap - The Story - Beginning (2008-й год)

Песня 1966 года. Фестиваль "This Is Ska!" 2012. Росслау (Rosslau). Подробнее - здесь:

Другие записи с концерта: (Chatty Chatty); (Disco Devil); (People Funny Boy); (The Upsetter).
Scratch - All The Way Live part 2

22 октября - Большой концерт ЯрмаКа в Киеве!
Новая программа + любимые хиты!

По вопросам букинга:
Оф. сайт -
FB оф. -
Оф. группа -
Оф. паблик -!/yarmakmusic
«Благая весть, мои российские фанаты!»

Так начинает своё обращение Возмутитель, в ответ на нашу акцию, направленную на сбор средств в пользу сельскохозяйственной общины Ли «Скрэтч» Перри.

Будучи представителем ортодоксальной церкви, господин Рейнфорд, согласился записать Псалмы для людей верных Богу. Родоначальник музыки регги начал с этого видео-обращения.

Сообщество, посвященное творчеству Ли «Скрэтч» Перри:
Страничка проекта:
Мастер-класс Дерека Брина
Just messing with the new "The Click Looper." DOWNLOAD IT! It got some really dope scratch beats!
Soulplay Radio


What's this? A song for Vinyl Scratch that isn't dubstep? Yet it's electronic? Yep, these songs are composed. I really wanted to get back to my electronic roots and do something a bit more chill ... so I hope you guys enjoy this song.

love you all

all music and artwork created by: MandoPony

Что такое настоящий DJing!
Raa Raa the Noisy Lion [Шумный львенок Ра Ра] - CARTOONS in ENGLISH for KIDS [МУЛЬТФИЛЬМ на английском для детей]
Catch a clip of Lee Scratch Perry from the Making of LEGEND:REMIXED The Documentary.

In this weeks Revelations Daniel looks at this weeks releases and teaches another deceptive method of marking the Madison Rounders.
There are some issues with the old upload which is why it's getting reuploaded.

It's another normal life for Vinyl and Octavia... Or is it? Take a peek into their daily life as they live through another of their daily grind, Sims style!


As promised, here is episode 2 of the sims animation ^^
Sorry for the long hiatus guys - been on "A" levels exams back in November which is quite draining. I am only able to continue this in mid December.

Табулатура -
Taken from More Tales from the Orbservatory, released June 2nd.
DJcity UK's Satoru and Doc Jnr perform a scratch routine based on Chris Porter and Pitbull's anthem, "The Water Dance."

Get "The Water Dance":

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Doc Jnr
Twitter: http:

Donations can be sent directly to his family through using:
This goes directly to the bank account Raida & his wife shared. 100% legit
Hello everybody!
This is 2 part of my tutorial about EDM Armada Style.
The first part about bilding the arrange in Trance. Press Like if u enjoy of this

Scratch - All The Way Live part 1
The free Ableton template is available for download on this page:

In this episode of "In the Studio," our resident sound design guru, Mad Zach, walks us through three incredibly fun scratch-style macros for Ableton Live. Turn white noise into an expressive scratch sound, move seamlessly through scratch-able cue points on an acapella, or turn a basic sine wave into an engaging variable tone that can be scratched
Masta Hanksta and Santa having a Scratch session
Happy Holidays Folks!
Группа CUSTOM motorcycles

Yamaha #CafeRacer #moto #custom #bike #bobbers #streetfighter #streetfighter #ducati #Triumph #HarleyDavidson #Yamaha #indian #BMW #Laverda #Suzuki #Honda #MotoGuzzi #KTM #Buell #motorcycle<br/><br/>
Artist : Rob Gasser (ft. The Eden Project)
Song : I'm Here
Genre : Drum and Bass

♫ Download :


★ Rob Gasser
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★ The Eden Project
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Youtube → htt
DJ Marky in Toronto on April 20th, 2013 || The track being used is Time Tripping by DJ Hazard

DNB Federation is a user generated content website with the purpose of bringing listeners from all over the world together.

|| || / новости и советы
Самые свежие новости из мира Apple -
Sing along with little ladybugs and learn the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

Great for teaching story writing, storytelling, ESL, and the English language in general!

This video is part of our new 30-minute compilation:

Our first album is available now:

Рубрика ВЫСКОЧКА #26
Выпуски данной рубрики будут каждый день

Официальная и самая информативная страница сериала - каждый день новые пости, видио, треки, минуса, и много качественного материала. цени ! Мир ! )
"We got the master of the disco scratch, there's not a break that he can't catch!"

Live rework of Béné & Hot (DJ Woody & Christian Madden) remix of 'Everywhere' by Private.

Follow Woody!
Instagram & Twitter: @djwoodymusic

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Если видео наберет более 50к просмотров и более 3к лайков,то во влоге побреется на лысо.
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►Группа вк :
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Cоберём команду. Расскажи друзьям!
DIRECTOR: Fernando Livschitz PRODUCER: Maria Stefanidi a.k.a speed D.o.P: Simos Sakertzis ART DIRECTOR: Dimitris Ziakas STYLING: Natassa Sarri CASTING DIRECTOR: Ready2Cast EDITOR: Tolis Apostolidis MUSIC: Papamusic POST PRODUCTION: Faust Produced by STEFI & Lynx - самые тёплые и ламповые мульты. Welcome!
Бэтмен / Batman: The Animated Series
сезон 1 серия 33
Cat Scratch Fever
Scratching to the hardcore track 'Kick It'.

Check out my facebook page for free tracks, mixes and info:

With 15 years production experience to speak of, Crazy P are riding the wave of their most successful album to date, and with the Disco revival seemingly here to stay, we headed to their Nottingham studio to discover the story behind the sound.
Artist :Tropkillaz & Buku
Song : Follow the Beat
Genre : Trap

♫ Download :


★ Tropkillaz
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★ Buku
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★ Image :

Here is the first video in my new series of shorts: Bad Jobs for Ponies. This time we see how Vinyl Scratch fares as a librarian! #badjobs4ponies

Original My Little Pony stop motion short video.

Please like, comment, share, and subscribe.

Thank you,
Cleo x

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons. Exclusive! Part one of an 8 Episode series featuring the legendary DJ Revolution. In this episode Rev walks us through his studio, where he talks records, first mixer ever and walk of fame. To end this episode Rev puts on a scratching clinic. Tune in ever week for more episodes leading up to the release of his new album "King Of The Decks" on September 16th coming out on Duck Down Records.
Clip officiel n°3 du Scratchophone Orchestra: "Scratch On The River"

Réalisation PIK
Montage POK
Photo + assistance Stéphanie
Photo Etienne
Чтобы Персик мог точить когти, мы купили ему новую когтеточку. Оказалось, что она чем то пропитана, и кот очень воспринял ее неадекватно...
So Persik could sharpen the claws, we bought him a new scratching post. She was soaked in something, and the cat took it very inappropriately...
Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (
Which build will be next? ►► Subscribe!

Every other week, some of Hollywood's top prop makers build one-of-a-kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games, movies, and pop culture. In celebration of the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. this week, we're turning the Hobbit-hole Bag End into a kitty litter box and the Eye of Sauron into a cat scratching post!

Tell us what you want to see next! Email with your suggestion.

More AWEme
"Racing with the Sun" - Scratch Bandits Crew Recording Session
New album by Chinese Man - Out on the 11th of April 2011
Prod : 2011
Shot while traveling from Mumbai to Varanasi in January 2014. India is everything that that people say it is and more. Its one of the most photogenic countries i have every been to, hopefully i have captured it here. Everything was shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera ( BMPCC ) with a 14mm panasonic lens + a couple of the Varanasi shot were taken with a panasonic 14-45mm zoom. Hopefully this video shows how good this camera is as a run and gun style camera. Allot of this was shot hand held and s

Soulman is the new single taken from the brand new album The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry presents "The Orbserver In The Star House." The album is out now on Cooking Vinyl.

The Orbserver In The Star House comes out on CD, 2 x 12" Vinyl, Digital Download and a special highly limited Deluxe Boxset pressing featuring the below.

- Standard CD
- Exclusive Instrumental CD of full album
- 3 x 7" coloured (green, yellow, black) vin
Ли «Скрэтч» Перри у Букенгемского дворца, прославляет Льва – царя иудейского.

Небольшой отрывок из фильма о Ли «Скрэтч» Перри – «Видение Рая» (2013). Подробнее – здесь: