The Right Blend for Scott Naturals: ""The Right Blend" for Scott Naturals", "The Right Blend" for Scott Naturals

The Right Blend for Scott Naturals

by Katerina Chaykovskaya
Scott Naturals was a rare chance for myself and the team at Bent to explore the commercial and artistic possibilities of Strata Cut animation technique with a series of stenciled out paper sheets, which were lined up in deep continuing space.

This Strata Stencil idea was first explored by animator Javen Ivey in his 2006 thesis project ‘My Paper Mind’ at Pratt, partly inspired by Bent partner David Daniels’ original plasticine technique. After graduate school, Javen later came to intern at the Bent. Aaron Noffsinger from the Tris3ct agency in Chicago was also very familiar with David’s Strata Cut, and thought it would be a great artistic starting point for Scott's first broadcast spot, and a great exploration into the animation realm.

I was brought into the project as a director to design and conceptualize with David using “Paper Mind’ as an influence, but not an ultimate destination. Together, we created a more complex and highly produced space. Executing it all in CG as opposed to by hand,