The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love: The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (Official Video), The Rapture — How Deep Is Your Love, The Rapture - How Deep Is Your

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love

Очередное дэнс-панк видео от американской группы The Rapture на трек "How Deep Is Your Love". А на сколько глубока ваша любовь к Dirol Mega Mystery?)
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Here's the new video for "How Deep Is Your Love?" a cut from the Rapture's 2011 reco...
Director: Crystal Moselle Producer: Vivan Thi Tang CO-DP:Marissa Kaiser CO-DP: Jake Magee Editor: William Zitser VFX Artist: Mariana Martin Capriles VFX Consultant: Claudia D’Enjoy Production Assistant: Janie Gilarde Production Assistant: Sara Greco Production Assistant: Max Brzozowski SPECIAL THANKS to N. Dorita Adolphus, Ermine Myers, Tiffany Robinson and Gracie Dais!

Not Official ++++ For Project Purposes Only

Music Source: The Rapture/DFA Records

Video Source: Beat Street/Orion Pictures/Paramount Pictures
Like Tha Shinin ++++ I DO NOT OWN THIS

Music: The Rapture/DFA Records (In The Grace of Your Love)
Video: Beat Street/Orion Pictures/Paramount Pictures
The Rapture's SPIN Office Gig

Recorded and mixed by Tom Beaujour.

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ищите нас с Верой на 6.08 минуте)
The Rapture performs 'How Deep is Your Love' live during a private show at CMJ 2011.
The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (A-Trak Remix). A-Trak just made this remix of the brilliant single How Deep is You Love by The Rapture. Their album "In The Grace Of Your Love" (Produced by Philippe Zdar of Cassius) is to be released on September 6th via DFA

In The Grace Of Your Love Tracklist:
01. Sail Away
02. Miss You
03. Blue Bird
04. Come Back To Me
05. In the Grace of Your Love
06. Never Gonna Die Again
07. Roller Coaster
08. Children
09. Can You Find A Way?
10. How Deep Is Your Love?
11. It Takes Time To Be A Man
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The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (214kbps)

Flickr Photo Credit | AleksandraGabriela | Untitled
Decided to experiment with doing some backing harmonies and guitar riffs over the top in a second audio take with this one, hope you like it!
Recorded, filmed and edited by Tim Gordon.