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The Rainbow Colors Song

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Развивающие занятия ДОМА с МАМОЙ ✔Подпишись
Названия цветов по-английски
It's a rainbow colors song.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink…

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink…

It’s a rainbow, it’s a rainbow, a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

It’s a rainbow, it’s a rainbow, a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

№ Название цвета по-английски Английская транскрипция Русский звуковой эквивалент Перевод слова
1 red [red] ред красный
2 orange ['ɔrɪnʤ] Орэндж оранжевый
3 yellow ['jeləu] йЭлоу жёлтый
4 green [griːn] грин зелёный
5 blue [bluː] блю синий/голубой
6 purple ['pɜːpl] пёпл фиолетовый
7 pink [pɪŋk] пинк розовый
8 rainbow ['reɪnbəu] рЭйнбоу радуга
Учим песенку. Она простая. Новые слова:
Rainbow - радуга
beautiful - красивая
in the sky - в небе
This video teaches kids the various colors of the Rainbow. Children can say VIBGYOR rainbow colors which is violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, or...
Part of the color song the rest is as follows:
Listen with your eyes x2
And sing everything you see
I can sing the rainbow, sing the rainbow
Sing along with me.
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The rainbow song is a fun and silly way to learn the colors of the rainbow. The ABC Gang loves singing about the colors of the rainbow, and want children all over the world singing with them. Kids songs song for children. Song copyrighted by The ABC Gang. All rights reserved.

Performed by Yukari Tamura, this is Suzuha's characters song, translated by myself.

Thanks to TehVict for the video.

絡み合う細い糸 重ね合わせた世界を 越えられるように
I cross the overlapping worlds, entangled like fine threads.
何度繰り返しても 辿り着けないフィールド 
No matter how many times I struggle, it's an unreachable field.
A world of light that grants those entwined wills.

一目でいい 会いたくて 捜してる 会えるよね 此処
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Kids will pick up the colors of the rainbow very quickly through this catchy Mandarin Chinese kids song--the Rainbow Song! Brought to you by DailyNoodles--Mandarin Chinese kids gobble up!